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OctoPlus China Data BankTM Solution

Reach to the precise audience segments and maximize your advertising impact with programmatic and non-programmatic media.

Social Media Management

Boost your social media influence in China across: Xiaohongshu, Weibo, Douyin, Zhihu etc, using the latest smart lead generation tactics.

Smart WeChat Marketing

Reach to 1.13 billion Chinese customers via one-stop WeChat solutions: WeChat OA, WeChat Pay, Mini Programs and Ads


Integrated Search Marketing 

Usd SEM and SEO to drive high ROI results on China’s various search portals, connecting your customer’s need with your product or services instantly.


Amplify your WOM seeding efforts and reviews with our unique SEO ranking solutions – CSEO. Boost up your online reputation, or repair a negative one.


Chinese Tourists Solutions

Reach Chinese travelers effectively with pre-travel and on-travel strategies that work for you.

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Rank first for WOM recommendations

Did you know? 62% of consumers search for reviews and information online before making their purchase, and a whopping 90% trust brand recommendations from friends. Furthermore, Chinese consumers are 30% more likely to rely on social proof than the average global consumer.

By integrating effective SEO strategies with WOM tactics, we enhance results to bring you the best ROI and help you hack the growth of your influencer campaign efforts in China.

  • Be a Baidu top search result
  • Rank amongst the top 4 on Xiaohongshu
  • Be a search recommendation on Tmall
  • SEO results guaranteed: no win, no fee
Company background

About OctoPlus Media Group

OctoPlus Media Global Ltd was founded in Hong Kong, and has branch offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and New York. We offer one-stop digital marketing solutions; focusing on integrated marketing, branding, performance marketing and media relations. With years of experience in big data and through leveraging marketing technology such as AI, OctoPlus Media has helped a diverse portfolio of clients achieve their marketing goals.

OctoPlus Hong Kong: your partner in China marketing

Looking to expand your business and market it successfully in China? The search is over – here at OctoPlus Media, we know how the markets move and what consumers are looking for.

With a dedicated team of marketing professionals working behind the scenes, and we pride our continued success in the China markets on our determination to deliver innovative, compelling and enduring digital marketing campaigns.

Local market experts

We have experienced digital marketing teams based in Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Market leaders and pioneers

We are always at the forefront of the Chinese digital market and its trends.

Cutting-edge technology

We create perfect synergy between SEO, SEM, DSP and social media.

How are our marketing strategies so unique and effective?

Our founders all have 10 years of experience in SEO, SEM and data analytics. It is this expertise that gives us insight into how we can achieve the best results with social media and influencer campaigns in China.

Performance marketing

  • Paid search ads (Google, Baidu)
  • Programmatic display ads
  • App promotions (CPI, ASO)
  • Paid social media ads (Facebook, Instagram)

Social media growth hacking

  • Xiaohongshu
  • Weibo and WeChat
  • Douyin Tiktok
  • Zhihu Q&A platform

SEO-driven word-of-mouth marketing

  • Baidu SEO
  • Xiaohongshu SSO
  • Tmall e-commerce ESO
  • First page ORM and EPR

China SEO matrix

  • Owned SEO: Baidu ranking guaranteed
  • Owned SEO: APP ASO
  • Earned SEO: Baidu WOM ranking
  • Earned SEO: Influencer SEO

WeChat ecosystem

  • WeChat account and content
  • WeChat Mini Program and Store
  • WeChat ads and marketing
  • WeChat community campaigns

Marketing to Chinese tourists

  • Pre-travel research campaigns
  • On-travel recommendations
  • LBS marketing in China
  • SMS push messaging promotions

PR and media

  • Press releases
  • Online reputation management
  • Risk management
  • Extensive media coverage

Creative production

  • HTML5 and banners
  • Promotional landing pages
  • Websites and Mini Programs
  • Creative video production
clients served
keywords optimized
KPIs achieved
years of digital marketing expertise

Case studies

We have a proven record for providing clients with effective marketing solutions.

Google Premier Partner - OctoPlus Media
Baidu Appointed Reseller - OctoPlus Media
Adobe Premier Solution Partner - OctoPlus Media
Sales Driven Integrated Strategy Powered by OctoPlus

Sales Driven Integrated Strategy Powered by OctoPlus

Native Specialists in Chinese (TC & SC), Japanese, Korean, English.

Native Specialists in Chinese (TC & SC), Japanese, Korean, English.