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How can brand posts rank higher in Xiaohongshu search results?

Xiaohongshu Q&A#10 - How can brand posts rank higher in Xiaohongshu search results? - OctoPlus Media Global

1. Keep your content as original as possible, as the more unoriginal content a post contains, the lower its ranking is likely to be. Of course, this may not be completely unavoidable, in which case, a few tricks will need to be employed to escape the platform’s stringent checks.

2. Avoid inappropriate photos, including skin close-ups and bare bodies. Avoid controversial content, abusive language and fake or inauthentic content. Not only will posts containing such content rank low; such posts may be deleted or even result in the account being blocked.

3. Consider how keywords are worked into your post. Generally speaking, keywords should only make up 3-8% of your article word count.

4. Engage users through your content. The more interactions users have with a post, the better the post will rank. Try and inspire users to write posts from your content, or ask a KOL with a large following to engage with your post.

5. Improve your account’s grade. Each Xiaohongshu account is graded based on factors such as the number of posts it publishes, how many fans it has, the number of likes and comments it receives. The higher your grade, the higher your posts will rank.

Pairing these basic tips with great content should already help your brand market itself on Xiaohongshu better. But if you’re looking for a one-stop solution to create better brand content that ranks higher in Xiaohongshu search results more quickly, get in touch with the OctoPlus team today.

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