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What major content marketing mistake do brands tend to make and how can you avoid it?

Xiaohongshu Q&A#9 - What major content marketing mistake do brands tend to make and how can you avoid it? - OctoPlus Media Global

One of the biggest mistakes that brands make when doing content marketing is assuming that spending money equals getting exposure on their content. This is something you especially want to avoid on Xiaohongshu. The more exposure that a post that hard-selling a product gets, the more likely it may get deleted or edited, and the account associated with the post may be adversely impacted as well. Xiaohongshu users are strongly opposed to blatant advertising, they even will report the posts that they suspect of being paid ads. Therefore, hard-selling or shilling on this platform is unlikely to win you any favours.

Instead, brands can create a content marketing campaign around topics related to the product at hand, from a softer angle that users can accept. Xiaohongshu requires KOLs to produce four pieces of high quality content before they can publish one ad, so it’s advisable to do multi-brand content and showcase a brand’s product within it for better results. Lastly, brands can leverage trending topics and relevant keywords to drive more traffic to their content. For example, when “Story of Yanxi Palace” was taking the platform by storm, Xiaohongshu leveraged related topics which in turn engaged more than 12,000 users.

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