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How can brand owners manage their Xiaohongshu brand account?

Xiaohongshu #13 - How can brand owners manage their brand account after opening one on Xiaohongshu? - shared by OctoPlus Media

After opening a Xiaohongshu brand account and merging it with your store, the next challenge is how to operate it and drive sales. The OctoPlus team can help you out with the following steps:

1. Build your store and upload your products to it. No matter the type of product, its details or its key visuals, OctoPlus can help you showcase your brand offerings online in accordance with any brand guidelines you may have.

2. Operate and promote your store. If you have stores on Tmall, Jingdong and/or other platforms, we can help you develop a cohesive brand strategy to manage them and drive cross-channel traffic with your Xiaohongshu store based on CVR, UPT and PCT. From promoting within the platform to collaborating with influencers, we can help you achieve results in a cost-effective way. And if you’re new to Xiaohongshu, we can develop a tailored strategy for you based on market research, consumer analysis and past brand experience too.

3. Improve commodity sales operations. In addition to being your one-stop logistics and warehousing solution, we can help you save time and cost, as well as optimize operational efficiency in the payment process of your Xiaohongshu store.

For a one-stop solution that delivers the results you seek on Xiaohongshu, look no further. Get in touch with our team of professionals at OctoPlus today.

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