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What is the ‘Little Red Heart’ product rating system? What does it mean to be a Xiaohongshu ‘verified purchaser’?

What is the 'Little Red Heart' product rating system? What does it mean to be a Xiaohongshu 'verified purchaser'? 1

Xiaohongshu has recently partially launched Xiaohongxin (‘Little Red Heart’), a product rating system developed by Xiaohongshu and its users jointly. Users who have genuinely tried out a product review it by rating factors relating to the product in detail. By weighing the many factors that go into reviewing a product equally and fairly, Xiaohongxin helps consumers make a more informed choice.

A dedicated Xiaohongxin team filters items that are eligible for rating by taking into account its popularity in the community and its Xiaohongshu store sales volume, then inviting active users who had purchased the product within one year to become a Xiaohongshu ‘verified purchaser’. These ‘verified purchasers’ will then rate the product based on 5-10 factors relevant to the product category.

The first requirement for a ‘verified purchaser’ is that the user must have made a genuine purchase before. Secondly, a ‘one person, one vote’ system is in place so that every rating counts fairly. Lastly, by objectively processing data, independently screening ratings and ensuring equal votes, the Xiaohongxin system provides a true evaluation of a product.

Here’s an example of how detailed the process is: for the category of ‘shampoo’, factors taken into account for user rating may include cleanliness, aroma, dandruff control, conditioning, moisturizing, anti-hair loss effectiveness, etc. User research determines the five core factors that the product will be rated on. ‘Verified purchasers’ then share their ratings on the factors, and a comprehensive result is obtained to give consumers a fuller picture.

Learn more about the Xiaohongxin system, how it may impact your brand and how to use it to drive more awareness and sales for your brand. Get in touch with the OctoPlus team today.

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