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In Xiaohongshu’s Q2 anti-cheating report, what do companies need to be aware of and understand?

Xiaohongshu Q&A#17 - In Xiaohongshu's Q2 anti-cheating report, what do companies need to be aware of and understand? - by OctoPlus Media

Xiaohongshu released the Q2 community anti-cheating report on July 17, 2019. In this report, Xiaohongshu gave two important angles below:

1. Xiaohongshu Team is removing thousands of notes. The team has removed 4285 notes, of which 920 are manually removed. With machines, spammy notes can be recognized in 0.1 seconds. Using this, manual removing can achieve 99.9% accuracy. Xiaohongshu can remove average 18.6 accounts, 168 fake likes, 135 fake collects and 571 fake follows in every 5 minutes. From this, we can see that Xiaohongshu is constantly standardizing the platform to provide a fair socializing environment.

2. Xiaohongshu’s users are continuing to increase. In the second quarter, MAU already exceeded 85 million. 3 billion note impressions are made every day, and UGC accounts for 70% of total impressions. This shows community marketing is becoming more and more important as a marketing style in the Chinese market. In the long term, whether to a user, company, or Xiaohongshu themselves, these trends have more advantages than disadvantages. From a bigger angle, being the biggest social e-commerce platform in the Chinese market, Xiaohongshu’s marketing style will be more professional and innovative at a faster speed.

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