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What are the differences between WeChat Mini Program and WeChat Official Account?


WeChat Official Account usually has these 4 types that people discuss: WeChat Subscription Accounts, WeChat Service Accounts, Mini Programs, and WeChat Enterprise Accounts.

WeChat Enterprise Accounts are primarily for internal communication and management.

WeChat Subscription Accounts can be used to send messages to subscribers every day, and the message that is pushed is mainly what the enterprise wants to let subscribers know. Therefore, Subscription Accounts can serve as a social media platform for companies to accumulate information.

WeChat Service Accounts can publish messages up to 4 times per month. Like the WeChat Subscription Accounts, the content of the message can include voice, video, text, image and etc. Nevertheless, WeChat Service Accounts is more related to the service instead of news content, therefore WeChat Service Accounts mainly carried out subscriber’s participation and accumulation.

Mini Programs is equivalent to a quick entrance to e-commerce or the reservation service when the user does not understand the products and services of the enterprise, the lite mini-program needs to quickly check the specific services that the enterprise can provide and moreover form a fast conversion.

When the user of Subscription Accounts or the user brought by the subscriber needs to be converted, Mini Programs can be used as a platform for conversion. Mini Programs are primarily tied to the Service Accounts and can go through by WeChat Pay and contact each other. For example, after the user completes the payment through the Mini Programs, and automatically subscribe to the enterprise service accounts. Because Mini Programs cannot actively push the message to the subscribers, therefore the messages can be pushed through by service accounts and subscription accounts in the future for any event. Messages are combined with promotion service and information of the product, user can directly click to the article and enter Mini Programs to make the fast conversion.

In summary, the Subscription Accounts are mainly used as a platform for enterprise carried out massages, and the Service Accounts can be used to build brand awareness, including subscriber’s participation. The Mini programs have a lot of traffic entrances and convenient to use, which can be used for quickly getting traffic and conversion, and as a platform for later-stage engaged user re-conversion.

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