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Banned Chinese Terms You Should Avoid by China Advertisement Censorship Law 2020

To avoid running into any trouble when advertising in China, it is best to avoid words that sound too definite or extreme.

*List of Chinese marketing terms (translated to English) that are banned in China


01. Words related with “the most”

Most, best, most equipped with, most beloved, most profitable, most excellent, most fantastic, biggest, highest extent, highest, highest level, highest end, most luxurious, lowest, lowest level, lowest price, deepest, cheapest, most fashionable with the cheapest price, most trendy, most popular, most concentrated, most compliant with, earliest, most advanced, most advanced science, most advanced processing, earliest enjoyment, last, last wave, latest technology, latest science, etc.


02. Words related with “number one”

Number one, number one in China, number one on the internet, number one in ranking, only, number one famous brand, NO 1, TOP 1, only, number one in whole country, first tier, single day, only once (one type), last wave, one of most famous brands in China, etc.


03. Words related with “Level”

National level, national level product, global level, cosmic level, world level, top level (peak/pinnacle), ultimate level, extreme level.


04. Words related to the notion of a brand

Big brand, gold brand, famous brand, top brand, leading brand, world-leading, substantially more advanced, leader, founder, creative and leading brand, first on the market, famous star, celebrated, master, invincibility, pinnacle, luxury, excellent, leader, king of, winner, champion, land king, building king, etc.


05. Words related to absolute, extreme and unverifiable expressions

Definitely worth, absolutely, big brand, accurate, make a lot of money, leading brand, leading the public, star, famous, luxury, one of the world/country X big brands, world-class, famous brand, excellent, the world’s leading and top technology, sales champion, forever, leader brand, unique and unprecedented, universal, 100%, international quality, high level, etc.


06. Words related with “first/national”

The first, First Choice, Global first, National First, Network-wide first, First Model, Exclusive, Exclusive Formula, National Sales Champion, National Product, National (National Exemption), National Leader, etc. .


07. Words related with false expressions

Non-parallel in history, unprecedented, forever, omnipotent, family legacy, special effect, invincible, completely natural, etc.


08. Words which may mislead or trick consumers

Click for drawing a lottery, congratulations for the awards, free for everyone, click for a surprise, click to win, click to turn your body, click to try the clothes, click to overturn, pick the prize, Non-GMO safer, etc.


09. Words which overtly seduce consumers

Instant purchase, explosive purchase, none comes after this, no way to be cheaper, become XX without it, window of opportunities closes by missing this, thousands jostling for this, everyone vying for this, frenzy selling/buying, sold out, the lowest price in history, all people snapped, free, 0 down payment, you decide the price, etc.


10. Words with authority related expressions

  • Rrecommended by the national leader of XX, recommended by the XX governmental institute, XX governmental institute provides exclusively, etc.
  • Quality exemption, no need for national quality inspection, sampling inspection, etc
  • Use of RMB currency pattern (except being approved by the central bank)
  • Time-honored brand, China famous trademark, special supply, etc.


11. Words related with superstition

Bring good luck, enhance the sixth sense, dissolve the villain, increase career luck, recruit wealth, health and wealth, improve luck, help to advance career, protection self, balance positive and negative energy, eliminate mental stress, all things prosperous, prosperous people, prosperous wealth, etc.


12. Words related with pornography

Zero-distance contact, residual body temperature, residual fragrance, etc.


13. Words related with timing

Time limit must be marked with concrete time schedule, for example: today, this very day, days and nights, countdown, for now, just, only limited to, weekend, anniversary, big discount coupon, large shopping initiative, brand group, high end group, single product group,

Prohibit words: End at any time, only for once, price increase at any time, price reductions immediately, etc.


14. It is forbidden to use words that are suspected to be medical in ordinary goods

Any medical terms related to disease treatment function and disease words are forbidden, like comprehensively adjust the balance of human endocrine, enhance or enhance immunity, anti-inflammatory, can promote metabolism, reduce red blood, produce optimized cell structure, repair damaged skin, weight loss, treatment, sterilization, antibacterial, sterilization, antibacterial, disinfection, detoxification, beauty treatment, hair regrowth, etc.


15. Prohibited words in medical advertisements (including hospitals, medicines and medical devices)

Effect on the day, cure and prolonged life, the highest medical level, complete clearance, etc.


16. Prohibited words in cosmetic advertisements

Special effect, high efficiency, full effect, strong effect, quick effect, quick white, flatten wrinkles, renew skin, destroy melanocytes, improve sleep, etc.


17. Prohibited words in property advertisements

Stable income, ensure appreciation, stable income, XX minutes can reach the train station / airport, only XX minutes, XX school in the planning and construction, etc.


18. Prohibited words in education industry advertisements

Memory efficiency, never forget, remember forever for 7 days, pass rate XX%, high score king, top ranking, create legend, 100% high salary employment, national recognition, etc.


19. Prohibited words in financial industry advertisements

Guarantee of 100% principal and interest, 100% winning rate, X%-X% annualized rate of return, no risk, value maintenance and appreciation, principal and interest at ease, steady income, the most professional, the safest, etc.


20. False promotion of patented technology

Those who have not obtained the patent right shall not falsely claim to obtain the patent right in the advertisement. It is prohibited to use patent applications that have not been granted patent rights and patents that have been terminated, revoked, or invalidated for advertising.


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