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Latest News about WeChat Overseas Mini Program:Food & More Categories are opened up for cross-border e-commerce.

WeChat has finally opened up the product categories that can be sold online for the overseas mini program! A lot of product categories that could not be sold online previously are now available!

The main categories are as below:

  • Milk powder and food category for the cross-border e-commerce
  • Supermarket delivery, medicine, etc. for the local e-commerce in overseas
  • Categories with high demand such as show tickets and overseas telecommunications
  • Up to 41 categories are now available!

Also, the two requirements below are simplified:

  • It is not necessary to have a catering license for seller who is doing food takeaways
  • Certification from the embassy for cross-border e-commerce has been cancelled

The application process for sellers to start selling on WeChat mini program has finally become easier! Get in touch with OctoPlus Media today to start your business!

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