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Deep-dive of WeChat Read Mini Program

Here, we will share all the marketing strategies used by WeChat Read mini program.

  1. Giving unlimited free-reading card for teachers and students in high school

It is undeniable that students may be one of the most suitable audience for reading products and WeChat Read gave out 30-day unlimited free-reading card for all books on the platform. But, how do WeChat Read determines whether the user is a student? WeChat Read used a smart method to determine, which is by checking the email that the user registered to receive the card should be the school email domain.

  1. Q&A PK

This is developed based on a popular game – Mind King. It is a ranking system and users will need to compete for better rank. Users will earn reward points according to different ranking and the reward points can be exchanged for unlimited free-reading card, tokens, and books. To motivate the users, WeChat Read offers the champion a free-reading card that valid for lifetime.

  1. A Quiz A Day

The mechanic of the challenge is the user needs to answer a quiz in 12 seconds and there a total of 12 quizzes. All quizzes need to be answered correctly to pass the challenge. Users who make it will share the prizes in the prize pool. The more users who successfully passed the challenge, the lesser prizes a user will get.


  1. Reading Squad

Users can build a team of 3 and the campaign cycle is every 21 days. Everyone in the team has to participate in daily logins, reading, comments, interaction and other activities to accumulate points for the team. The team can upgrade to a group of 6 in the next cycle if the points exceed 60. To motivate the users and for the team members to supervise each other, the team will also earn extra rewards based on a different tier of the accumulated points.


  1. Lucky Draw

Users can invite five friends to initiate the lucky draw. To motivate users, the initiator can get an extra chance for the lucky draw. Besides, if the lucky draw group consists of more new users, the reward will be greater, and the probability of winning will be higher. However, the formation of the group cannot be identical.

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