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Deep-dive of Mead Johnson WeChat Mini Program

Mead Johnson provided free online classes by experts for the mother-to-be and new mothers.

Course: The mini program serves as a learning centre. The content present in the format of live streaming, videos, and Q&A. Topic labels will show up when users search to help users quickly find what they want to read.


Q&A: The Q&A refers to the Q&A under each course and will be answered by the expert from each course accordingly. To view the answer will require 1 point. The Q&A classify according to baby’s age and other different topics. The Q&As sorted based on popularity and time.


Learning project: This is a collection of courses. Each course is arranged under different projects and will notify users about the time needed and chapters. Users can understand the direction of learning quickly through the labels of the collection and select the courses accordingly. This feature is also equipped with an achievement system, which achievement will be unlocked after the completion of the specified collection and the mother can also make comparison with other mothers on the platform.


Personal: Points can be obtained through daily login, participate in live streaming, selected by experts during the live streaming, share courses, share user participation, and complete the learning projects. There are also daily tasks and long-term tasks for users to obtain points. The points can upgrade the user’s badge and to check the answers from experts in the Q&A. The badge can also be used in other activities of Mead Johnson.


The mini program has a simple and clear setting which is very user-friendly and easy for the user to get started. The mini program has a complete operating cycle by using the points system – from knowledge sharing, live streaming, be beneficial to the users. When the user wants to gain a Q&A opportunity with the experts, the user will need to be active and aggressive during the live streaming session. There is also a feature in the mini program, which is filter out the important Q&As – user will need to use their points to exchange for the answers of the important Q&As. The mini program also arranged many tasks for the users to obtain points, and most of the tasks were designed to gain more users and have more interaction with the users. Furthermore, the points system and the level-up system are helpful for precise marketing in the future.  

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