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May 22, 2020

China Marketing Insights Monthly Newsletter [May 2020]

Welcome to our May Newsletter! Check out the latest China media update - first cross-border e-commerce live streaming; big data & China update - cultural tourism ecological insight report 2020 & half of the global luxury purchased by the Chinese after the COVID-19; new China marketing ideas - 6 takeaways from CNNIC's internet report &...
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cover-dong mingzhu kuai shou

Gree Chairwoman Dong Mingzhu Sold 310 million RMB Of Goods On Short Video Platform Kuaishou

Kuaishou is a short video platform with high-traffic and high-stickiness of fans, with daily active users exceeding 300 million, e-commerce daily active exceeding 100 million, and 1 million+ short video accounts have opened the live-streaming function.
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cover-OTT industry

China’S OTT Market Is Booming

OTT is the abbreviation of "Over The Top" and refers to providing various application services to users through the Internet.
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Six Takeaways From CNNIC’s Internet Report

The China Statistical report on internet development report has been freshly released by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC). It’s about the country’s internet population and the development of different sectors, include Internet infrastructure, netizen scales, online shopping, online education, live-streaming, etc.
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Half Of The Global Luxury Purchased By The Chinese After The COVID-19?

As the impact of COVID-19 continues, and the global luxury goods market has been hit hard. According to the latest report from Bain & Company, overall sales of the worldwide luxury goods market fell by 25% -30% in the first quarter. Still, they expect the luxury goods market to resume growth in 2021, driven by...
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cover-cultural tourism

Cultural Tourism Ecological Insight Report 2020

Travel live broadcasts not only allow users to "really” see the destination but also experience the correct playing method and the most in-depth experience under the guidance of Travel KOL, official tourism bureau and tourism merchants, to truly "immersive" and "recommendation online".
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cover-cross border live-streaming

FIRST Overseas Cross-Border E-Commerce Live Streaming

While live-streaming has been gaining popularity, no overseas WeChat live-streaming has been done – that is – until now! On May 5, 2020, We (OctoPlus Media) planned and executed the first-ever overseas WeChat live streaming of cross-border e-commerce for SaSa in Hong Kong. The two-hour live streaming attracted 33k viewers, 12k comments and 25k likes.
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