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Deep-dive of Evergrande Real Estate Group WeChat Mini Program – Real Estate Industry

This is a mini program for real estate – users can check all available properties and buy or recommend the properties to other people. Users can then receive a commission from the recommendation if the deal is successful.

Homepage: Top banners, entrance to the core functions (latest properties; my clients; look for properties via map) and list of properties. There is also a leaderboard showing the commission of top members and this is very attractive as the commission amount is more than 1M RMB.

Online booking: User can directly book a unit with just 5K RMB. If the unit was meant for own use, the booking could be treated as a 20K RMB voucher. If the unit was recommended to friends, then the user can get 1% commission from the total amount.

Invitation: User can get 10 RMB by inviting a new user. If the new user invited another new user, the user could receive another 5 RMB. All users have to be verified through Identity Card and Bank Card.

Login Bonus: User can receive 100 RMB if login for 7 consecutive days.

Recommend: Users can recommend properties to their friends to get a commission. Criteria of this feature are the friend has never visited the unit, visit the unit in 15 days and purchase the unit in 30 days after the recommendation.


  • Money: The core message of the app is making money, which captures the attention of users.
  • Easy sharing: The app can be shared through the name card of mini program, which is easier to share around. Users can also preview and experience the app through mini program before they decide to download the app. An improvement would be to include the link to download the app within the mini program
  • Fission marketing: The app offers high commission and bonus to users and facilitate the users fission. First, they recorded some seed users and filtered out loyal users through the booking. Their sales team just wait for the customers list. Regardless of the transaction amount, they have a great result in terms of brand awareness and getting quality leads. *Fission marketing is a term that widely used in China digital marketing which means using everyone’s social relations to amplify impact and maximize the growth of users.


This app is a good marketing strategy for real estate industry. The idea of booking a unit with just 5000 RMB and its refundable if the unit wasn’t sold by a period of time is attractive to users. Besides, users can easily earn the commission through this app and willing to spread this around for the extra bonus and check-in everyday for the login bonus. Also, the app is user-friendly and makes everyone a property agent.

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