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SaSa Hong Kong collaborated with WeChat for the first-ever cross-border e-commerce live streaming – A new direction for cross-border marketing

Live streaming marketing is the hottest marketing strategy in China right now. However, how can brands build a cost-effective and unique live streaming session? How to break through the barrier between cross-border e-commerce and live streaming? How can brands convert the followers of the host to theirs and keep them under their private traffic pool? With these lofty expectations and goals, OctoPlus Media successfully planned and executed the first overseas live streaming session on WeChat for SaSa Hong Kong on 5 May 2020 and the results were overwhelmingly positive.

Why choose WeChat as the platform for the live stream?

SaSa is the first overseas merchant to conduct cross-border live streaming on WeChat with its own mini program. The reason for choosing WeChat as the platform for this overseas live streaming is because of the hundreds of millions of users traffic on the WeChat platform and the completeness of the WeChat ecosystem. Through the complete WeChat ecosystem, brands can benefit from getting more loyal users and empower brand traffic.

SaSa anticipating the prospect of smart retail, in October 2019, developed and started their WeChat mini program store. They listed their popular skincare, cosmetics, perfumes and personal care products on the WeChat mini program store and connected with the consumers in China. This has fulfilled the demand for cross-border shopping and received many good reviews from customers. Furthermore, with SaSa’s accurate CRM and their unique beauty consultant referral system, SaSa has become the leader in the beauty industry. Their WeChat mini program also won the “WeChat Power – Smart Service Award” within 3 months after launch.

The preparation needed for the live streaming session

In live streaming on 1 May, SaSa had invited Jade Lin, host from Phoenix TV to partner with SaSa’s beauty consultants to host the session. The new way of hosting and strategic preparation has successfully attracted a lot of attention from consumers. Other than providing a variety of discounted cosmetics products, the live stream also used promotions to benefit and enhance the interaction with consumers.

With the promotion, the influential power of host and professional project management by OctoPlus Media, SaSa has produced a great and successful live streaming session on WeChat, which provided an exciting and seamless shopping experience to consumers.

SaSa is hosting their 2nd live streaming on 23 May

Onwards & upwards – with the first event being such a huge hit, SaSa has decided to continue on with a second event. Due to the pandemic, more people are staying at home, which results in higher demand for live streaming e-commerce. The combination of “watching live stream and online shopping” has become the favourite pastime and shopping channel of China netizens. China has 560 million users on live streaming, of which nearly half (about 265 million people) shops when watching live stream. Looking at the demand, OctoPlus Media and SaSa are continually looking out for new opportunities, and the WeChat live streaming on Labor Day has become a foundation for cross-border e-commerce to achieve smart retail. In the future, OctoPlus Media will also continue to improve their offerings, create more innovative and effective online marketing strategies, and connect enterprises and consumers efficiently.

On 23 May, SaSa will have their 2nd live streaming session. They are offering the lowest price in the market for many popular items, more giveaways, and prizes are worth over 1000 RMB.

About OctoPlus Media

OctoPlus Media is headquartered in Hong Kong and currently has branches in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and New York. They are a one-stop solution service provider focusing on integrated marketing, strategy consulting, branding, performance marketing, and public relations. With years of experience in big data and marketing technology, OctoPlus Media has helped hundreds of companies to improve their marketing effectiveness. At the same time, live streaming marketing that would enhance brand exposure and sales is also one of their core services. In the past three years, OctoPlus Media has conducted over 100 live streaming sessions on various channels like Taobao, WeChat, Douyin and Xiaohongshu for more than 30 clients such as Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), Google, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), SaSa, etc. With the extensive experience and case studies, OctoPlus Media can provide a comprehensive marketing solution for their clients.

With the increase of online businesses and models, OctoPlus Media believes that it will help in the digital transformation of corporates and new market expansion.

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