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Deep-dive of Three Squirrels WeChat Mini Program – Snack Food Industry

This is a mini program launched by Three Squirrels during Chinese New Year. Three Squirrels is the largest online snack retailer in China. The mini program gives their customers an option to customise the gift box with photos and wishes quotes online after they purchased Three Squirrels snacks and wanted to send it as a gift to family and friends.

Online customisation: The mini program starts with a tutorial from a squirrel named Xiao Mei on the customisation. Users can select a template, upload photos, enter their wishes quotes and even record or upload a short video.

Short video: There will be a private message on the gift box to notify the receiver about the short video. The receiver can then retrieve the video by scanning the QR code and verify their identity with their phone number.

3D preview: Users can preview the gift box in 360-degree with the 3D preview once they have completed the customisation.

Wishes quotes detection: The mini program can detect user’s wishes quotes and will prompt a message when the wishes quote is similar to other users and suggest users make some changes.


  • The interface design used an immersive viewing experience which is similar to the gaming interface and suitable to the brand’s IP itself. Every transition scenario contains the IP of the Three Squirrels.
  • Users can choose to send the gift anonymously, which receiver will not be able to know the details of the giver before they receive the gift in actual.
  • The short video is an extra surprise for the receiver, and this feature protects the privacy of receiver by using phone number as verification to retrieve the video.
  • The main value of the mini program is for users to make a unique gift by customise the gift box, write their own wishes quotes and record a short video as a surprise. They used the idea of surprising someone with a unique gift and sell their products at the same time, which kill two birds with one stone.


This is a creative and cute mini program by providing personalise customisation option when sending a gift, which makes the gift more unique and not just a package of snacks. It’s a good China festival marketing idea for all brands – which includes the wishes from the giver to the receiver on the gift.

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