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Deep-dive of Travel Dunhuang WeChat Mini Program – Travel Industry

This mini program is developed by Dunhuang Academy China and Tencent. The mini program recorded 12 million visits in 2 months after it launched.

Main page (painting of the day): A full-screen banner appears when users enter the mini program. The full-screen banner changes every day and it is a combination of a mural from Dunhuang and a quote which is beautifully designed and animated. Users can understand the story behind the mural by clicking the banner.

Explore: This section is a sub-content page about the murals. Users can explore the content of the murals through different categories like an art form, dynasty, colours.

Tour: This section supports online ticket purchase (it’s closed now due to COVID-19). Users may also access the Tencent Smart Travel Map mini program through here. It will also display any special events or activities offline.

Protection: This section shows some knowledge about murals and how Dunhuang protects the historic murals.

Story: This section tells the story of the murals. Interaction between the mini program and users here is users need to swipe through the storyline page by page. There is also a progress bar on top serves as a reminder of the progress for users.


  • The icons and full-screen designs are very creative and different from the conventional design, which provides potential new creative direction.
  • All the designs use the art of Dunhuang’s murals and with the full-screen feature, it offers users the immersive viewing experience.
  • One of the section uses colour as a category selection to view the murals based on colour, making it the best combination of a product and an element of design. The section also tells the raw materials of each colour. The way of displaying and user interaction is novel and becomes one of the main features of the mini program.
  • The mini program is an excellent combination between traditional culture and digital that integrates art, emotions and culture in an easy-access mini program.


This mini program is a masterpiece in online tourism during the epidemic and a new milestone in the digitalisation of cultural heritage in China. It also gave an excellent marketing idea for post-pandemic recovery for the travel industry.

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