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618 data report - Alibaba & JD.com wrap up China's nationwide mid-year shopping festival 2020 with transaction volume RMB 698.2bn & RMB 269.24bn during the pandemic period

The “618 Shopping Festival” has officially ended successfully. As the first national shopping festival during the pandemic period, all brands are striving to return to the market. There is also good news from China’s e-commerce platforms: The transaction volume from Tmall and JD has reached 698.2 billion RMB and 269.2 billion RMB respectively, they set new records both. Among them, Tmall corporate with more than 120k brand to distribute worth 14.96bn RMB coupons and subsidies, and the sales increased by 100% Y-O-Y in 1 hour; JD sales volume increased by 66.7 billion from last year, Suning sales volume increased by 132% Y-O-Y in 1 hour; Pinduoduo sales volume increased by 136% Y-O-Y. These figures indicate that the Chinese consumer market has recovered.­­­

According to the report from Baidu, It shows that this year’s “618” search popularity has risen against the trend and hit a five-year high. Besides, searches for “618” bucked the trend this year, hitting a five-year high, and netizens are searching for “618” about 10 days earlier than usual this year. “Live-streaming with goods”, which has witnessed explosive growth in the pandemic, has become one of the highlights of 618 shopping festival this year.

The report of Tmall 618 shows that from the scale of the consumer group, the four first-tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are the largest. In contrast, the merchants in the coastal cities in the southeast have the highest enthusiasm, Guangzhou ranks first, and Hangzhou, the e-commerce city, ranks third.

According to the report from Data Story, it shows that: The personal care product is a relatively high category in Taobao live streaming except Beauty product, the tissues are the most popular products because discounts attract consumers; In terms of anchors, It still headed by Weiya Viya and Li Jiaqi Austin, with 975,195 and 678,204 products sold respectively.

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