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Official Live Streaming Programs Update on WeChat, Taobao and Douyin

As some of you may know we invested in an Official Taobao Live Streaming Station in Shenzhen in 2018 and it was closed by the end of 2019. At that time, We thought it was time to leave the live streaming industry as the competition has gone too wild. Who would know the 6 months long pandemic has changed everything again and we have made a good come back on live streaming across different channels:

Live Streaming Station
  • We are currently the No.1 in WeChat Cross-border Live Streaming as we were one of the first MCNs getting on WeChat.
  • Our previous team from the Official Taobao Live Streaming Station has been incubating a live streaming show about pets. The “Love Pets” live streaming channel started from 15 March and it has ranked No.1 in the Tmall live channels leaderboard. Pet brands who are interested in selling on Tmall may contact us to discover more.
  • We are going to launch a China celebrity live stream channel together with Douyin Official. The program will mainly focus on FMCG products like cosmetics, mother and baby products, etc.
“Love Pets” Live Streaming Channel

Stay tuned and get ready to sell big in China!

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