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OctoPlus Announcing Complete End-to-End Cross-border WeChat e-Commerce Solution (Success Cases: China Duty Free and Korea LOTTE Duty Free)

OctoPlus Announcing Complete End-to-End Crossborder WeChat e-Commerce Solution (success cases: China Duty Free and Korea LOTTE Duty Free)

As the representative of luxury operators and the travel retail industry, the Duty-Free Group has committed to the global offline sales business. However, with the rapid development of digitalisation of Chinese consumers and the devastating impact of the epidemic, it is critical to plan the sales business for the travel retail industry. The answer to this is to “Develop cross-border e-commerce business“.

In the first half of 2020, when the pandemic was severe, we helped CDF launch an official cross-border e-commerce WeChat mini-program – “CDF Member Purchase”, whereby CDF could still provide members with exclusive benefits and shopping experiences amidst the pandemic. We also helped Lotte Duty-Free to launch a cross-border WeChat Mini program called “Jí Huò Jiē”. All products were delivered directly from official Lotte Duty-Free Shop, forgoing the traditional way of overseas online shopping. The duty-free shops prepare and deliver the products directly from South Korea. The products can be tracked throughout the process and delivery is within 7-10 days.

The WeChat mini-program of Duty-Free was a huge success when it launched. The CDF mini-program, in particular, was reported by multiple media outlet in China. Meanwhile, based on its huge membership and sales commission system, it achieved high revenue within 2 months of its launch.

CDF (China Duty-Free) and LDF (Lotte Duty-Free) will connect with overseas brands to conduct a series of marketing campaigns and live streaming activities with the largest Duty-Free stores in China and South Korea with our services. With this, the travel retail brands can transform previous offline into online e-commerce campaigns. We have multiple solutions to market products directly to Chinese consumers regardless of whether they are in duty-free shops in China or Korea.

The complete solutions for CDF and LDF’s Cross-border WeChat mini program are provided by The Big Three alliances (OctoPlus Media, Trello under Ymatou, Hipopay), a one-stop cross-border solution specialist. We have built this cross-border e-commerce solution into a mature WeChat Mini program SaaS system, which is specially designed for medium-sized and large enterprises with businesses in China.

With this mini-program, we can sell directly to Chinese in China without the need for them to travel. Check out by scanning the mini-program codes below.

About OctoPlus

OctoPlus is a one-stop solution provider for integrated marketing, brand marketing, effective marketing and PR in China. OctoPlus has successfully served hundreds of cross-border businesses in and out of the country through its AI-based marketing efficiency improvement solutions based on its years of experience. OctoPlus is also the industry leader in the new field of WeChat cross-border live streaming in 2020. It helps overseas brands and companies to successfully enter the Chinese market at a critical timing and successfully reach Chinese consumers. It also relies on the strong private traffic of the trust ecosystem with high stickiness and high conversion rate.

About Trello & Ymatou

Trello is an e-commerce platform designed for overseas purchasing compliance and tax coordination: Helping overseas companies to legally open stores, avoid WeChat transfer and RMB collection risks, provide legal channels for foreign currency exchange, reasonable tax avoidance and export tax rebates, and provide customs declaration services for “Three Documents “(Declaration Form, Payment List and Logistics Waybill). The service also includes buyers paying in RMB and sellers legally withdraw in foreign currency. It also supports real-time exchange rates and commodity foreign currency prices.

The main technical team and technical framework of Trello are from Ymatou, a leader in China’s independent overseas shopping platform established in 2010. The merchants on the Ymatou are distributed in 83 countries around the world, such as The United States, Britain, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. As a one-stop overseas shopping platform, Ymatou focuses on connecting the global retail market with local consumption in China and is committed to providing Chinese consumers with high-quality and rich commodities from all over the world as well as trendy lifestyle and cultural concepts. Through live streaming of overseas brands and the fast and safe cross-border shipping, Chinese consumers can enjoy authentic overseas products and services without leaving home. In early 2016, with the implementation of the cross-border “4•8” tax reform policy, Ymatou quickly understood that further documentation was required by customs – (Declaration Form, Payment List and Logistics Waybill). The understanding was only made possible based on years of international logistics experience, laying a solid foundation to improve logistics efficiency continuously.

About Hipopay

HipoPay is TransferEasy Group’s cross-border financial services product, which focuses on providing customised cross-border payment solutions for overseas merchants (both online and offline). The payment network now covers the United States, Canada, Australia, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong and other countries/regions.

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