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Another successful celebrity live-streaming co-hosted by OctoPlus Media

Another successful celebrity live-streaming co-hosted by OctoPlus Media

Last week, we co-hosted Yang Kun’s Douyin xinhuanet (新华网) live stream with multiple companies such as Xinhuanet (新華網), Hawoo (好物網), Starry Asia Entertainment and so on.

The event took place on 24th September 2020, started from 7pm at the night and ended at 1.30am midnight, for a total of six and a half hours. The event has been very successful.

There were many different types of products showcased during the live stream, such as home appliances, kitchenware, skincare products, liquor and many more and the most popular product was liquor. Liquor was crowned the bestselling product of the night!

Once again, we are happy to announce that we will be hosting more live streaming event on Douyin in the coming months. Celebrity live stream has certainly show us a lot of potential and could be one of the best-selling methods in China for many years to come.

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 Here are some key findings of the event:

  • Cumulative Views: 77,960,000
  • Soundwaves (Yinlang): 710,000
  • Total Sales: 284,610,000 RMB
  • Average Watch Duration: 10 Minutes 01 Seconds
  • Popularity Peak: 360,000
  • Average Concurrent Users: 1,880,000
  • Cumulative Likes: 63,080,000
  • Growth in Number of Fans: 1,050,000
  • Fans conversion Rate: 1.34%
  • Peak time: 11:30pm

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