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China Marketing Insights Monthly Newsletter [October 2020]


Welcome to our October Newsletter.

October was seen as a barometer for China’s domestic travel confidence. And the numbers so far have not disappointed. Total domestic tourist exceeded 637 Million although a bit lower compared to last year, a Y-O-Y recovery at 79%. Spending also was at similar levels with revenue receipts at over 466 Billion RMB. There was no cross border traveling except to Macau – 156,000 visitors a fall of over 86% compared to 2019. This is still an encouraging sign with more cross border travel excepted to happen towards end of year.

We have two great insights reports built in-house. First is our Primer on digital advertising, we have built a massive encyclopedia about advertising industry, latest trends & strategy to be successful in China & complete guide to over 100 top apps & sites. Second is insights & strategy for 11.11 shopping festival. The Singles Day Shopping is the biggest & most popular shopping festival, the competition is tough with every brand vying for users’ attention. Reach out to us if you are keen on learning more.

We have 2 great marketing ideas – a list of tools to help effective marketing in China & effective use of WeChat Video Channels for marketing.

We round up the newsletter with App of the month feature Tmall.

From all of us here at OctoPlus Media, wishing you and your family good health and safety.  


Mia C. Chen

CEO & Co-Founder of OctoPlus Media

Primer on Digital advertising in China

After spending over 6 months building one of the largest repositories of digital advertising and digital apps in China, we are pleased to release the primer for free.

We will be updating the deck regularly to add more information about ever changing China landscape, additional apps, marketing strategies – so make sure to download the latest copy every quarter.

Key content:

  • Introduction to Advertising in China
  • Comparison of common media between China & Western ecosystem
  • 300 pages of highly curated details
  • 70+ app details & advertising options
  • Alternative Digital Marketing Strategies like CSEO, PT (Private Traffic), Live Streaming,etc

Talk to us if you are interested in a copy. Contact Us!

Macau is now fully open border, and ready to welcome all over China visitors

The Macao SAR government has announced that from September 23, 2020, Macao will be fully open to the Chinese mainland traveller. All residents in China may apply for a visa to visit Macao. Regarding the opening on September 23, in addition to the “Beijing Macau Week” in Beijing to promote Macau’s tourism, commerce, culture, and cuisine, The SAR government will also use 400 million RMB of the anti-epidemic fund to hold a lucky draw event for hotel and air ticket discounts to attract more visitors to Macau.

In addition, the Macao SAR government has also organized a series of activities for tourists to participate, such as “the 6th Light festival, International Food and Culture Festival, international Music Festival” and other activities. Regarding the “open border” this time, the Macau SAR Government will take the people together to implement various epidemic prevention measures to give tourists confidence in Macau.

WeChat Video Channel – Short video platform Killer?

WeChat opened a internal test function of “video channel” in January 2020 has finally officially launched in June. WeChat users now only need to update the WeChat APP to use the “video account” function.

Believe that in addition to being a way of recording life, WeChat Video channel will gradually cover the functions of Paying for Knowledge in Community, E-commerce private traffic monetization, Content diversion and Advertising promotion, etc., because WeChat video channel originally belongs to WeChat this large social platform system naturally brings its own social advantages.

With the shift from graphic to video, competition in the short video industry is becoming more intense. With a new platform, it also represents the emergence of new business opportunities. Marketing methods to promote product sales and product awareness will also follow.

Marketing idea 1: Product sharing / recommendation

Merchants can open WeChat Video Channel and share the latest product information with short video content.

Marketing idea 2: Influencer marketing

Merchants can work with “influencer video account” suitable for the brand, and use their influence to recommend products.

Marketing idea 3: product release conference

Using the power of short videos to deliver product content in the briefest possible way via WeChat Video Channel, video content can be circulated continuously among WeChat’s 1 billion users.

Marketing idea 4: Set up hyperlinks

The WeChat video channel can add a hyperlink to the content introduction at the bottom, and click the hyperlink to jump directly to the corresponding WeChat official account article, but the current hyperlink is only limited to the WeChat official account article. This setting gives people more ways to expand their reading.

How should the enterprise manage good WeChat video channel?

1) Account and Content:

Set the positioning of the account and content. An account is an individual, and what the account will look like in the eyes of others in the future exists. Only professional performance in a specific field can attract more fans.

2) Video differentiation:

There are too many similar content in the video channel. How should the brand/product be featured? In fact, it relies on differentiation and segmentation. Differentiation is the basis of attracting user’s attention. Only segmentation can show its own characteristics.

A necessary marketing tool for marketer in 2020

Sorting out some tools that you must know as a marketer. The following planning tools can help the marketing planner to complete the planning work smoothly.

1. Taobao series background data

  • SYCM(生意参谋)

Marketers can use SYCM tool to do market trend insights, analyze market categories, analyze competing products and brands, and structure planning and analysis of store operations.

Website: https://sycm.taobao.com/

2. E-commerce plug-in

  • Little W (小W神)

“Little W” can mainly help to restore the transaction index, download and download the main picture/video, analyze, detect new products, analyze new products of Douyin promotion and new products of Taobao store, and analyze competing products, so as to understand the latest market trends of competitors.

  • Super W (W超人)

“Super W” is mainly a plug-in used in e-commerce pages to make up for Little W’s function in operation analysis. It can quickly see the number of people paying for product, visitors, transaction amount, purchase rate, 30-day GMV, conversion rate, UV value, customer unit price.

  • 58 Tu (58图)

“58 Tu” is a website that can help planners find the e-commerce pages of brands during past festivals for reference.

Website: http://www.58tu.com/Top/index.html


3. Advertising marketing case website


Advertising marketing cases/articles/agent index comprehensive recommendation TOP1, providing multiple marketing messages


  • ADGuider

Advertising creative intelligent search tool, which can search intelligently according to the combination of category, brand, festival, star, countries and other intelligent search words.

Website: https://www.adguider.com


A variety of international case studies can be searched. TOPYS has also interviewed more than 100 top global creatives, with more than 30,000 original articles, and provided more than 1 billion reading opportunities for more than one million users.

Website: https://www.topys.cn


4. Media/Channel background data

  • Feigua (飞瓜)

Short video ecological service platform mainly provides background data of Douyin, Kuaishou and Bilibili, such as: “KOL data, KOL list according to industry labels, product sales and page views list according to industry labels, and live-streaming sales list.

Website: https://www.feigua.cn/?chl=baidu-dy

  • Doushang Eye (抖商眼)

With the function of live-streaming monitoring, user can monitor the KOLs, the number of sales, sales volume, online user, and cumulative number of viewers. These points is good for merchants and anchors.


  • Weibo Yi

User can check Weibo, WeChat, XHS KOL, ranking quotation, etc. to be a reference.

Website: http://www.weiboyi.com

  • Souxiu (搜秀)

Soxiu is an analysis platform that specializes in viewing the data of Xiaohongshu.

Website: https://souxiu.cn/index/

5. Advertisement censorship law

  • New advertising law prohibited word search tool

Check whether brand advertising words comply with the new advertising law

Website: https://zbp.toyean.com/tools/

  • Ju1(句易网)

Ju1 can check the beauty industry and news industry banned words.

Website: http://www.ju1.cn

11.11 past report & strategy

Singles’ Day (11.11) – The Mother of All E-Commerce Holidays.

2020 will marks the 12th anniversary of 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. The shopping festival, started as an Alibaba phenomenon, has spread beyond Tmall and Taobao to other e-commerce operators, as well as bricks-and mortar stores. What should business know ahead of Singles’ day 2020?

Key content:

  • Key results of 11.11 Global Shopping Festival in 2019
  • 11 Insight data for vertical industry
  • Social Media Marketing insight about 11.11
  • KOL Marketing insight about 11.11
  • How can mini-programs / live-streaming help this year?
  • What marketing ideas will work best for 11.11

Talk to us if you are interested in a copy. Contact Us!


App of month – Tmall

What is Tmall?

Tmall (www.tmall.com) is a business of Alibaba Group, it was first introduced by Taobao in April 2008 as Taobao Mall and renamed as Tmall in 2011, Tmall caters to consumers looking for branded products and a premium shopping experience. A large number of international and Chinese brands and retailers have established storefronts on Tmall. It has established itself as the destination for quality, brand-name goods catering to increasingly sophisticated Chinese consumers and is the most visited B2C online retail website in China.

Tmall Key Facts and Stats:

  • Mobile Monthly User: 666 million
  • B2C Market share: 60.9%
  • Physical Goods GMV Growth: 45%

Tmall user profiles and demographics

  • >75% Tmall users are Young millennials (<30 years old)
  • >70% Tmall users are distributed in 1st & 2nd tier cities

What are the benefits of using Tmall?

Tmall drives China retails sales growth. Since Tmall is a trusted name for Chinese consumers, using the platform to sell products can help client instantly build some of that trust for own brand. And Tmall offers some unique marketing features like livestreaming and news feeds similar to those on Facebook. So this creates an interactive platform that people actually check and shop with regularly.

Some of brands operating on Tmall’s platform

Promoting your brands on Tmall with ads formats

Banner ads & Pop-up ads

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