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How to register Douyin Verified Business Account

Douyin, also known as Chinese Tiktok, is the fastest growing brand and also currently the largest short video platform in China. With more than 400 million DAU, it’s a leading short video app owned by ByteDance. The app has powerful editing capabilities and enables users to add music, effects to their videos in order to make them more interesting creative, and helping users record beautiful moments in their lives, which are popular among young people. Many companies are using Douyin to promote their brands and businesses to the Chinese audience.

In this video, our marketing coach, Joanne will show you how to verify/register a Douyin Business Account. In her next video, she will also talk about the features and benefits of Douyin Business Account and why you should create one. You do not want to miss it!

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Douyin/Tiktok Enterprise account creation, does and don’ts, content creation, etc.

◆ Joanne Yap

Douyin Marketing Coach

Joanne is a marketer with advertising and media background. Mainly focus on content creation and digital marketing.

She has a 5 years experiences of Online & On-air marketing and advertising in Malaysia’s TV Station. Contents creation and social media marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat is her expertise.

  • How to install Douyin on Android or IOS if you are not in China

➤ Android: Download APK version from Official Website (https://www.douyin.com/)

➤ IOS: Need to switch region before downloading the app and change store location to China (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201389)

  • Register Douyin Business Account using PC

➤ Go to https://renzheng.douyin.com/

➤ Scan QR code using mobile app to sign in

➤ Fill in all the details and information required

How to register Douyin Verified Business Account
How to register Douyin Verified Business Account
  • Register Douyin Business Account using Mobile
How to register Douyin Verified Business Account
How to register Douyin Verified Business Account

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