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OctoPlus & DianPing – Hainan Duty Free Promotion Yearly Plan

OctoPlus & DianPing - Hainan Duty Free Promotion Yearly Plan

We are happy to announce that OctoPlus Media is working with DianPing to create an exclusive media plan – Hainan Duty Free Promotion Yearly Plan and helping brands to leverage the hottest trend in China and gain massive traffic and exposure!

Hainan Duty Free Promotion Yearly Plan


 • Create a brand-specific topic page and invite 30 KOCs to publish contents

 • In the topic page, clients can perform custom brand promotion, which can be linked with different landing page (WeChat mini-program, JD, website, etc)Huge traffic.

 • It is located under Hainan Duty Free shop, where the brand is displayed at the most obvious location.


 More than 40,000 tourists arrive at Hainan duty-free everyday and most of them will open Dianping to check the shopping guide of duty-free.

 • This will bring at least 2 millions of exposures for your brand, as well as instant Call to Action to shop in store for a WHOLE year.

Why Choose Hainan?

In the National 14th Five-Year Plan, Hainan will be built into the largest tax-free island and financial district in China. Duty-free efforts adopted the island-wide customs seal to implement zero tariffs on the trade in goods, and greatly liberalized the access system of the Hainan Free Trade Port. In near future, the legal system will be further improved, and independents tariffs and free capital flow will be a powerful cornerstone of the dual cycle of China and abroad.

At the same time, Hainan duty-free shops have also become a hot spot for Chinese buyers during the pandemic. There are traffic volume with more than 10 million of people and actual shoppers reached more than 4.48 million, with sales exceeding 27.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 103.7%, making it a consumer paradise. Mastering the entrance of Hainan shoppers is equivalent to mastering the entrance of sales volume.

Why DianPing?

DianPing is China’s leading local lifestyle and transaction platform, and the world’s first ever independent third-party consumer review website. DianPing not only provides users with information services such as merchant information, consumer reviews and consumer discounts, but also provides O2O (Online to Offline) transaction services such as group purchases, restaurant reservations, food delivery, membership and so on.


Based on the current situation and opportunities in Hainan, OctoPlus and DianPing worked together and developed an exclusive module for Hainan Duty Free.

This allows brands to enjoy the traffic entrance of Hainan duty-free shops for 1 whole year and help brands to promote exclusively on the topic page. It is expected to attract more than 25 million of Hainan duty-free visitors throughout the year.

Our Value

Dianping & Octoplus_Exclusive High Exposure Entry Point

High Exposure Entry Point  – Brands are able to enjoy this highly exclusive entry point with high exposure to the Chinese consumers. 

1 Year Duration – The window section will appear on the top of the comment section (which also the most obvious and easy to see area) and will last for a year!

Dianping & Octoplus_Customized & Exclusive brand specific topic page

Highly Customized & Exclusive Brand Topic Page  – There will be 30 high-quality customized KOC articles in the section and help brands to create an exclusive topic page

Landing page-friendly – The topic page can be linked with other landing page (eg. POI/JD/Website,etc). Clients are able to choose the form of presentation.

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