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Reasons and Benefits of Douyin Verified Business Account

Reasons and Benefits of Douyin Verified Business Account

In this video, our marketing coach, Joanne will talk about the features and benefits of Douyin Verified Business Account and why you should create one. 

Presented by:

◆ Joanne Yap

Douyin Marketing Coach


Joanne l OctoPlus Media

Cover topics:

Douyin/Tiktok Enterprise account creation, does and don’ts, content creation, etc.





Joanne Yap

Joanne is a marketer with advertising and media background. Mainly focus on content creation and digital marketing.

She has a 5 years experiences of Online & On-air marketing and advertising in Malaysia’s TV Station. Contents creation and social media marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat is her expertise.

Features and Benefits of Douyin Verified Business Account

1. “Verified” Sign under Username

  • There will be a verified “blue tick” sign under Douyin username to show that your account is the official account for your brand or business
  • After your account get verified, no one else can create an account and use the same username as your verified account
  • Ability to protect brand identity and brand name
  • When users are searching for your brand name on Douyin, Douyin verified business account will always appear on the top.
  • After getting verified on Douyin, other accounts like Toutiao can also get verified easily without paying additional verification cost.
  • Help to spread brand message and exposure across different platforms
  • Able to unlock many exclusive platform features
Douyin Verified Business Account Benefits l Octoplus Media

2. Ability to link to official website/ App/ phone number

  • Able to link official website on your personal page; download link of your app; thus, attracting fans/traffic to your own website or app.
  • Supports H5, Toutiao and selling website (JD,Tmall,Taobao)
  • You can also add contact number

3. 3 Video contents can be pinned on top

  • Total of 3 video contents can be pinned on the top of your account.
  • Helps to provide the ability to show your best contents to attract more fans and can be customized anytime with ease.
  • Able to bring more exposure to your hot/popular contents.
  • Increase the viewing priority of key content.

4. Comments & Inbox Management

  • Can manage comments easily (pin, delete, private message).
  • Support private message custom reply, can enable automatic reply and set message.
  • Private message management can improve efficiency of communication, reduce workload of the operators also helps to avoid losing potential customers due to delayed responses.

5. Point of Interest

  • On the POI address page, the corresponding business account and store information will be displayed here, for example, menu, etc.
  • Only 1 POI address can be claimed by 1 business account.
  • Support outgoing calls and provide traffic conversion, allow businesses with more direct information exposure and conversion.
  • User-generated content can insert POI address, brings traffic to the POI page and can convert into business traffic.

6. Data Analysis

  • Access to customer big data analysis back-end system.
  • Fans Data (gender, age, interest, active level, demographics, device)
  • Business Data (Clicks, Performance, Cost to actions, etc)
  • Comprehensive data and provide useful marketing insights
  • Hot content, video data, comments, word-of-mouth, etc are all in your grasp.
  • Professional insight tools empower businesses and formulation of brand marketing strategies, including optimizing and adjusting content strategies based on the data
Douyin Business Verified Account Data Analysis l OctoPlus Media

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