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Douyin Available On Desktop

Douyin Available On Desktop

Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, is now available on the desktop. On June 21, 2021, Douyin officially launched the internal beta of the web version, and its official website page has also been revised. The new version can watch videos, like, view comments and share videos.

Analysts feel that Douyin website is an attempt by ByteDance to stave off plateauing traffic growth as its mobile user base approaches the total number of smartphone users in China. It is also encroaching on the turf of traditional video sites, like iQiyi and Tencent Video.

The operation of the Douyin web version is very simple. You can log in to your Douyin account to view your own work and favourite videos. Currently supports verification code, scan code login, and cannot log in with a password.

A search function is provided at the top of the homepage, you can search for videos and users. In addition, it also provides live broadcast, entertainment, knowledge, two-dimensional, games, food, sports, fashion, music and other tags.

On the video playback page, there are quite a wealth of functions, such as pause, drag and drop progress bar, double-speed viewing, floating small window, volume adjustment, full-screen viewing, etc. However, the Douyin web version has prepared an auto-play function for users. After the video is played, it will automatically switch to the next recommended video to experience automatic video refreshing.

Douyin Available On Desktop l OctoPlus Media
  • Search function

The search function of the Douyin web version has a keyword association function, and users can filter the search results.

Douyin Available On Desktop l OctoPlus Media
Douyin Available On Desktop l OctoPlus Media
  • Publish Video

You can also publish videos in the Douyin web version, supports videos that do not exceed 4G and are within 15 minutes in length, support adding descriptions, tags, support associated hotspots, support setting cover, whether to allow videos to be saved and sync to other platforms. There is a preview area on the right side of the work release page, which is convenient for users to view the effect of the upcoming video on the mobile phone. The Douyin web version also comes with an extremely simple video editing tool. Currently, only video cropping is supported, and background sounds and special effects cannot be added.

Douyin Available On Desktop l OctoPlus Media

Content Moderation

Douyin announced the launch of the “Summer Ecological Governance” special action, focusing on controlling and combating content infringement, vulgar content, false propaganda, inducing rewards, and obtaining traffic maliciously. According to the Douyin Community Self-Discipline Convention, the Douyin Live Broadcasting Code of Conduct, the Live Broadcasting Platform Commodity Sharing Community Code, etc., if there are relevant rules and agreements, they will be processed.

Douyin has been under fire, especially outside China, for failing to properly crackdown on violators. However, Douyin said it has been working hard and managing hundreds of millions of users is not easy. Every month, Douyin deletes millions of content. The company also disabled millions of accounts to combat violations.

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