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Types of WeChat Mini Program l WeChat Mini Program Quick Learning

Types of WeChat Mini Program - WeChat Mini Program Quick Learning

How much do you know about WeChat Mini program? How many types are there in the mini-program and what kind of business or company is suitable to use the mini-program? Why mini-program is getting so popular? Have you ever wonder the difference between mini-program and apps?

In this lesson, our WeChat marketing coach, Karen will guide you through the basics of WeChat Mini Program and helps you to understand the function of WeChat Mini Program.

Presented by:

◆ Karen Ho

WeChat Marketing Coach


Karen Ho l OctoPlus Media

Cover topics:

WeChat official account creation, content management, WeChat ads solution, etc.





Karen Ho

Karen is a skillful Digital Marketing Specialist, expertise in Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads and YouTube Ads for industries i.e. Banking, Tourism, Property, E-commerce and Health service.

Experience in managing and setup client’s multi-channel digital campaigns on different platforms, create insights based on the performance.

WeChat Mini-Program quick introduction:

WeChat mini-programs are “sub-applications” within the WeChat ecosystem. They enable to provide advanced features to users such as e-commerce, task management, coupons etc. You can access it easily in WeChat app itself without download or sign up is needed.

This technology enables WeChat to bundle features and capabilities into a single mobile native APP, based on the “super APP” model. The main advantage is it does not require a lot of development work. As a result, many excellent case studies of the mini program on the market are using simple functions and designs. WeChat users can fulfill their needs in the program with only a few quick steps. (for example a few seconds to order a drink by using Wechat mini program)

Why mini-program is getting so popular?

If you are wondering why there are many companies using mini-program nowadays, it is not only because WeChat mini program development is simple and easy, but also it has a huge user database due to the WeChat ecosystem, the daily active users of mini-programs in 2020 have already exceed 400 million.

In 2020, the transaction volume on mini-programs has increased by 67% compared to the previous year. This happens because users’ demand for online services has increased especially after the outbreak of the pandemic. The cross-functionality ecosystem around it is progressively positioning this “super APP” as “(social) Operating System” for everyday life. It can be accessed in many ways including swipe down on WeChat to access a list of saved or recently used Mini Program, sharing cards on WeChat group, scan of mini-program QR code, search in WeChat, and so on.

WeChat Mini Program Functions:

  • There are few types of the mini-programs on the market, the first one is the service feature which allows users to make appointments, inquiries, food & beverage orders or deliveries through the mini-program for example hotel industry will use it for hotel booking.

  • The second type is for e-commerce, many businesses choose to open online stores through WeChat mini program. They utilize the WeChat ecosystem for promotion and complete the shopping process via WeChat payment, thus forming a complete shopping loop within the mini program.

  • The third type is more on engagement features as mini-program can be used for lucky draw or mini games which can increase traffic and help businesses to promote their product or service by engaging with the users.

  • Finally, the information type, getting more and more WeChat official accounts begun to build their own mini-program since it is more flexible in content update and arrangement.

What is the difference between Mini Program and Application?

WeChat mini-programs only work within WeChat while traditional web-App works on any browser. The ease of use and simple features of WeChat mini program will have challenges on user retention. Compare to an application, the application will have more varieties and functionalities.

Companies can choose to use which type of mini-program according to their needs and goals. If you are already familiar with WeChat operating system, you can proceed with mini program development if you prefer an easier and simple application. 

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