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October 26, 2021

App of the month – iQiyi

IQiyi is China's largest online video streaming website. It was established in Beijing in 2010. It is known as "China Netflix". IQiyi owns massive, high-quality, high-definition online videos, and is a professional online video playback platform. The content of video resources in iQiyi is rich and varied, covering movies, TV series, animation, variety shows and...
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New Marketing Ideas – Video In Advertising

Video in advertising is a form of embedded advertising in which brand creativity can be automatically matched to the scene in the video. Brand advertising can use AI technology to automatically identify the scenes that can be implanted in the video that has been filmed, and after post-processing, the brand ideas can be implanted into...
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Driving High-Quality Traffic Through Zhihu

As the largest knowledge content platform on the Internet in China, Zhihu has as many as 75 million monthly active users, and its users are characterized by high education, high income, and high consumption. These users have a high degree of acceptance of new products and new services and are more willing to try and...
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11.11 Shopping – Tips For Success

It’s been more than ten years since the first Double Eleven Shopping Festival. It has become one of the most important marketing activities of major e-commerce platforms. As the years have passed, with more insights, the strategy needs to be adjusted and changed.
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China Tech Crackdown – October update

We continue our coverage on the great tech crackdown in China. If you have missed our previous coverage, read more about the Anti-monopoly crackdown, PIPL, Advertising law updates.
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