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How to set up WeChat Wallet? l Introduction to WeChat Pay

How to set up WeChat Wallet? Introduction to WeChat Pay

Tencent and Alibaba, China’s two biggest internet companies took the country by storm with their payment products WeChat Pay and AliPay. In first and second-tier cities there, going completely cashless is made possible through smartphones.

WeChat Pay is a payment feature integrated into the WeChat app, users can complete payment quickly with smartphones. WeChat has Quick Pay, QR Code Payments, In-App Web-Based Payments, and Native In-App Payments, all to fulfill the full range of scenarios your customers expect to fulfill different payment situations. Combined with WeChat official accounts, WeChat Pay service explores and optimizes o2o consumption experience, provides professional internet solutions for a physical business. It is the best choice of mobile payments especially for individuals who preferred cashless transactions.

Just by opening WeChat, you can use your WeChat Wallet and pay via card or QR code. WeChat supports social payment, app payment, and even payment within Mini Programs and local apps.

In this video, our WeChat marketing coach, Karen will guide you through WeChat Pay and how to set up WeChat Wallet.

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◆ Karen Ho

WeChat Marketing Coach


Karen Ho l OctoPlus Media

Cover topics:

WeChat official account creation, content management, WeChat ads solution, etc.





Karen Ho

Karen is a skillful Digital Marketing Specialist, expertise in Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads and YouTube Ads for industries i.e. Banking, Tourism, Property, E-commerce and Health service.

Experience in managing and setup client’s multi-channel digital campaigns on different platforms, create insights based on the performance.

Which countries/regions are supported by Wechat Pay?

Till May 6, 2020. 64 countries/regions (in addition to mainland China ) are supported.

These countries/regions are:

WeChat Pay Countries l OctoPlus Media
  • Why WeChat Pay feature not available for some users?

Currently, only users registered in China’s Mainland, Hong Kong SAR, South Africa, and Malaysia will see automatically display the WeChat Pay feature entry. If your account is registered in a location outside of these regions, you will not see the WeChat Pay feature entry unless you activate WeChat Pay.


  1. You can activate WeChat Pay (China’s Mainland Wallet) by accepting a Red Packet or transfer from another user, then following the instructions to complete real-name authentication within 24 hours and link a debit or credit card issued in Mainland China.
  2. China’s Mainland Wallet, Hong Kong Wallet, South Africa Wallet and Malaysia Wallet are independent of each other and cannot be combined.
  • How to activate WeChat Wallet *for those who have WeChat Pay features:

Steps 1: find the WeChat Wallet “Cards” section

Go to WeChat and click on Me/Wallet/Cards. This will take you to a section to add a Chinese bank card.

Step 2: Add a bank card

Now you can add a credit or debit card to link with your WeChat Wallet.

You will need a Chinese bank card, some countries would be able to use their own bank card issued by their home countries.

Step 3:  done! 

Now you have successfully linked your bank card with WeChat!

For example, in Malaysia, now we are able to add our bank card in WeChat pay without using a Chinese bank account which makes payments more convenient. If you still aren’t able to get this feature in your region, there are changes that are coming to the system but just have to wait. Next time, we will share more about WeChat pay.

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