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WeChat Live Intro: Guide on WeChat Live Streaming & Traffic Entry Points

WeChat Live Intro: Guide on WeChat Live Streaming & Traffic Entry Points

Live Streaming in China is booming in recent years especially for e-commerce, promoting and selling goods through influencer streams on their own social media channels. It’s estimated to already be $60 billion annually.

In this video, our WeChat marketing coach, Karen will guide you through WeChat live streaming and traffic entry points to kick start your live stream on WeChat!

Presented by:

◆ Karen Ho

WeChat Marketing Coach


Karen Ho l OctoPlus Media

Cover topics:

WeChat official account creation, content management, WeChat ads solution, etc.





Karen Ho

Karen is a skillful Digital Marketing Specialist, expertise in Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads and YouTube Ads for industries i.e. Banking, Tourism, Property, E-commerce and Health service.

Experience in managing and setup client’s multi-channel digital campaigns on different platforms, create insights based on the performance.

Brands and businesses can do live streaming within WeChat through

  • Set up their own WeChat-based broadcast channels
  • Collaborate with a 3rd party WeChat influencer with a relevant fanbase to host a live streaming session that doesn’t require technical development resource

There are two ways to start live streaming:

  • First is Tencent Live App, this is for WeChat official account operators to create a live stream channel, you need more than 5000 fans in your “private traffic” to initiate. However, the overseas entities cannot apply through this channel yet but we can whitelist for overseas brands to onboard WeChat live stream.
  • The second is Tencent Live Mini Program, which is for users to book and watch live streams and interact with the host. The brands can link from their Mini Program where the live streaming is happening to their branded online shopping channels so that the user is taken directly to the product page to buy.

Traffic access points

  1. WeChat Brand Zone

With a native live-streaming booking option, the Brand Zone may be customized to promote the next official live-streaming session. Users are contacted as a reminder when the live stream is about to begin in the live-streaming appointment management support. From the brand zone, the user can quickly access the official live streaming Mini Program.

  1. WeChat Article

The WeChat article can include a live streaming card. In the body of the WeChat Article, you can add the card format of a Tencent live streaming Mini Program or an owned Mini Program.

  1. Moments or direct conversation

The live streaming link can be shared on WeChat Moments or to WeChat Group / Individual chatting thread.

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