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2022 China Maternity and Baby Industry User Insights

With China’s latest policy in encouraging childbirth, the proportion of newborn second children in China has increased, which in turn has promoted the growth of the scale of the maternal and baby industry. Analysys and Baidu Marketing jointly released the “2022 Internet Maternity and Baby Industry User Insights” report, according to that we have compiled the following key overviews.

The proportion of maternal and baby product users of all ages, up to 60% are users under the age of 30, which shows that the post-90s generation has become the main force in this field. Despite the growth of online channel consumption, offline purchase channels such as offline mother and baby stores or offline comprehensive supermarkets are still the core of the maternal and baby market. Cities below the third and fourth-tiers have used the birth bonus given by the government to ease the burden of raising children, showing a high-frequency purchase rate.

2022 China Maternity and Baby Industry User Insights

As the main force of maternal and baby products, the post-90s generation has promoted a new consumption model, increased demand for fine professional products, and is accustomed to doing their homework before purchasing any products. New consumption concepts such as personalization, quality, and scientific have brought diversified development space for the maternal and baby market. More than 80% of users check product reviews, research professional information, and compare product ingredients.

2022 China Maternity and Baby Industry User Insights
2022 China Maternity and Baby Industry User Insights

In the selection of search platforms, up to 45.3% of users prefer comprehensive search platforms, and Baidu APP dominates, it is one of the main platforms for maternal and baby group users to search for information, and it is also one of the key channels affecting the consumption decision of maternal and baby groups. Only a small number of users, 19.5% would prefer a social networking site/app or short video app to search for relevant information.

Maternal and baby group users’ behaviour


Maternal and baby group users have expressed abundant needs and formed multiple sub-categories, such as checking products, searching for genuine products, checking reviews, searching for channels, comparing prices and learning general knowledge. In addition to paying attention to the vertical content of mother and baby, in terms of hobbies, mother and baby users will also pay attention to different fields such as pregnancy and postpartum. For example, users during pregnancy pay high attention to makeup in the field of personal care and beauty, and in the field of pregnancy diet, fruit is another concern. As for the postpartum field, the focus is on confinement centres and weight loss.

2022 China Maternity and Baby Industry User Insights

In addition, maternal and baby group users also showing new features in key categories:

  • Baby food: The increasingly segmented milk powder industry has made feeding more refined and scientific for maternal and baby group users. At the same time, focusing on formula efficacy and eating methods, and maternal and baby group users pay more attention to complementary foods as an important source of balanced nutrition for infants, which has also become a planned meal.
2022 China Maternity and Baby Industry User Insights
  • Diapers: Based on the increase in functional requirements and usage scenarios, the segmented categories showed a trend of specialization, and users have begun to pay attention to the differences between segmented categories and material safety, and their attention also increased rapidly, increasing by 16.4% year-on-year.
  • Maternal and baby toiletries: The bottom content needs of maternal and baby group users are still the general knowledge of washing care, for example, the attention towards ingredients has increased rapidly, thus the overall search share of the skincare category has risen rapidly, and the plant-based ingredients have become the new trend of scientific skin care.

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