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April 21, 2022

App of the month – Mango TV

Mango TV, established in 2006, is an internet video platform for Hunan Radio and Television. Mango TV is a Chinese online video media platform that provides users with diverse content, including variety shows, movies, TV series, animation, sports, news, games, micro-movies, etc. Mango TV is one of the four video and audio platforms with the...
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New Development Trends of New Consumer Brands

According to Morketing’s observation of new consumer brands, it is found that new consumer brands are starting to use different marketing methods from previous brands in the early stages of development. They are moving toward the development direction of the “endogenous force” stage. Morketing spoke to several new consumer brands and below are some key...
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2021 China Invalid Traffic Report

According to the internet advertising data monitored by the Miaozhen system throughout 2021, it is estimated that the loss caused by invalid traffic in the Chinese brand advertising market in 2021 is about 32.6 billion yuan. In preparing this report, Miaozhen System monitored over 77,000 advertising campaigns from PC, Mobile, and NEW TV in 2021,...
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2022 Luxury Industry Insights

The luxury industry report made by Miaozhen System and Mininglamp Technology observes and analyses the traffic and strategies of luxury goods on social media, brand communication, crowd observation, hot topics and market trends, and publishes six luxury goods industry reports. Brand product categories included are clothing, bags, jewellery, perfumes, watches and other categories.
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China’s Online Audio Content Consumption Market Analysis

According to Qianfan Analysys, the number of active users in China’s “ear economy” market has reached 800 million in 2021, and the average monthly usage of the market exceeds 3 hours. Among them, the monthly active number of China Online's online audio segment is stable at 300 million people and shows a steady upward trend....
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2021 China Internet Advertising Market Insights

QuestMobie recently released the 2021 China Internet Advertising Market insights report. It is estimated that in 2022, while the advertising market maintains single-digit growth, the Internet advertising market growth will remain in double digits. Among them, from 2019 to 2021, the proportion of mobile Internet advertising will continue to remain at around 89%, PC advertising...
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