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China Marketing Insights Monthly Newsletter [April 2022]

OctoPlus Newsletter_April 2022


Welcome to our April Newsletter.

In this issue, we bring several insights reports. First up is the 2021 China invalid traffic report from our partner Miaozhen – having analyzed over 77,000 campaigns they found that over 5 billion USD was lost to invalid traffic. Next, we look at QuestMobile’s recent report on internet advertising market analysis for 2021 and 4 key trends for 2022. We also have a luxury industry report from Miaozhen System and MiningLamp Technology that details the traffic and strategies of luxury goods on social media.

We have two new marketing ideas that are gaining a lot of popularity in China right now – “ear economy” – an analysis of online audio content consumption in China from Qianfan Analysys and a deep dive into how new consumer brands are using different marketing methods compared to established brands during their early stages of product development.

Lastly, in our app of the month, we cover the MangoTV Global App, with over 76 million downloads and with the top 5 video apps in several Asian countries, this is one of the best ways to reach Chinese expats.


Mia C. Chen

CEO & Co-Founder of OctoPlus Media

2021 China Internet Advertising Market Insights

QuestMobie recently released the 2021 China Internet Advertising Market insights report.

It is estimated that in 2022, while the advertising market maintains single-digit growth, the Internet advertising market growth will remain in double digits. Among them, from 2019 to 2021, the proportion of mobile Internet advertising will continue to remain at around 89%, PC advertising will drop to around 5% year by year, and the proportion of OTT and smart hardware advertising will gradually increase to 5.8%.

2021 China Internet Advertising Market Insights l OctoPlus Media

The marketing advertising market is expected to maintain growth, and OTT and other forms of advertising will continue to seize the share of PCs. Driven by smart applications and interactive scenarios, multi-screen + language will become a new entry matrix to expand advertising touchpoints. It can be seen that mobile phones and APPs are the current mainstream entrances, and short video medium is growing day by day and is further expanding the advertising capacity pool and advertising revenue.

2021 China Internet Advertising Market Insights l OctoPlus Media

According to the analysis of advertising insights data, a higher viscosity partnership has been established based on brands and channels, accelerating the habit of online consumption migration, and promoting the growth of e-commerce. Video platforms can bring continuous marketing touchpoints and value to brands through highly sticky and personalized recommendation content.

Due to the layout of giant media and the expansion of traffic ecology and the ADX platform, which drives growth, and the requirement of brands to accurately reach and prompt advertising efficiency, the demand for programmatic advertising has increased, allowing more platforms to integrate third-party traffic for secondary distribution.

2021 China Internet Advertising Market Insights l OctoPlus Media

For a complete analysis of the marketing characteristics of 10 top industries for 2021, request a copy of the report from us (in Chinese). We focus this blog on the upcoming major advertising & marketing trends for 2022.

Trend 1: Product Marketing

Compared with the conventional path to promote marketing and sales through targeted goals (market and demand) according to the annual marketing plan, the innovative marketing sales route is to promote new products/product upgrades and agile marketing to stimulate market demand and increase the frequency of purchases.

Trend 2: Advertising Sales

Internet advertising is still an important marketing method and means, by shortening the link from advertising to purchasing, it directly stimulates consumption with price through advertising creativity and themes, making sales orientation more prominent. Brands at different stages of development should cut in from different angles to achieve conversion.

Emerging brands should “take advantage” through KOL/KOC or platform influence, in order to let users know about the brand and longing for its products, and those with brand influence need to continuously strengthen the user’s familiarity with the brand and products, so as to develop the habit of use. After the marketing forms are enriched, advertising in 2022 will pay more attention to conversion (private domain conversion, sales conversion, etc.), and thus the pure display form will continue to decline.

Trend 3: Channel Diversion

Brand positioning + product portfolio (new products, flagship products, product series, etc.) + channel positioning/combination to form a marketing matrix, develop sales for different market segments, media and channel traffic become the basis of marketing. Brand advertising and channel cooperation are even closer, the channel’s diversion value is ahead of the sales value, offline channels may become a new breakthrough point, and channel drainage will become the focus of marketing.

2021 China Internet Advertising Market Insights l OctoPlus Media

Trend 4: Closed-loop Media

The media locks cooperation with brands through traffic ecology, tools and closed-loop service methods. Driven by giant traffic ecological barriers, personal privacy protection requirements and user development marketing methods of content marketing, coupled with the need for data and data linkage, the closed-loop optimization of data process nodes and links generated by rich interactive forms in marketing provides more favourable development conditions for Martech or Adtech.

Trend 5: Content IP

By creating their own IP, or even extending content marketing methods such as creating topics, or producing IP content, brands accumulate points for marketing, accumulate value for the brand and continuously brand exposure.

Based on the above, the 2022 advertising marketing market will focus more on links, channels and ecology, and digital marketing has become clear learning.

2021 China Internet Advertising Market Insights l OctoPlus Media

To learn more about the 2021 analysis of various industries and how to better prepare for 2022 contact us!

China's Online Audio Content Consumption Market Analysis

According to Qianfan Analysys, the number of active users in China’s “ear economy” market has reached 800 million in 2021, and the average monthly usage of the market exceeds 3 hours. Among them, the monthly active number of China Online’s online audio segment is stable at 300 million people and shows a steady upward trend. It can be seen that China’s online audio content consumption market is in a stage of rapid development.

China's Online Audio Content Consumption Market Analysis l OctoPlus Media
China's Online Audio Content Consumption Market Analysis l OctoPlus Media

According to the survey results, the penetration rate of active people in the entire network is as high as 80%, and the “ear economy” is about to become a popular trend in the current market. Nowadays, users have a positive attitude towards audio content consumption including content payment, advertising placement, and brand-customized programs/activities. In the future, the audio form represented by podcasts and audio dramas is expected to become one of the important positions for brand marketing

The online audio content consumption market has entered the fast lane of development with 5G, big data, and other technologies, bringing a more high-quality and immersive entertainment experience to the public, and effectively expanding the content consumption scene, gradually developing a not-to-be-underestimated. business potential.

Under the development trend of the “ear economy”, whether it is the publishing industry, the film and television industry, or the game industry, various innovations can be developed through the audio market.

Audio content consumption user behaviour analysis

China's Online Audio Content Consumption Market Analysis l OctoPlus Media
China's Online Audio Content Consumption Market Analysis l OctoPlus Media

According to data analysis, the portraits of Chinese online audio users are mainly young and first-tier males with high spending power, accounting for nearly 65%, and mainly post-90s, with 46.20% of users aged 24-30. Overall, audio user stickiness is very high, about 70% of users have more than 3 audio software at the same time, and 70% of users think that audio content is for entertainment needs.

China's Online Audio Content Consumption Market Analysis l OctoPlus Media

60% of users have paid experience and good consumption ability, and 22% of users invest more than 1,000 yuan in audio content every year.

China's Online Audio Content Consumption Market Analysis l OctoPlus Media

More than 80% of users choose to pay for a subscription membership, 50% of users have the experience of paying for music, and over 42% of users have paid for audiobooks, which shows that music and audiobooks have higher paid conversion rates and user stickiness than other genres. It can be seen that users have a strong desire to spend and consume rich audio content types.

China's Online Audio Content Consumption Market Analysis l OctoPlus Media

More than 60% of users can accept ad placement, nearly 33% of users continue to listen to content when they encounter commercial placement ads, and 10% of users even listen to interesting placement ads repeatedly, showing good quality The content of commercial advertisements has high-value growth space and reflects the great development space of audio marketing, prompting brand owners to increase investment in audio marketing.

China's Online Audio Content Consumption Market Analysis l OctoPlus Media

The survey data shows that nearly 60% of users will pay attention to brand operation activities, and 47.2% of online users are very interested in brand customization operation activities. It can be said that brand customization activities are highly attractive.

Analysis of Audio Content Consumption Operation Strategy

Currently, the business model of the audio content consumption market is divided into knowledge payment, user rewards, and derivative peripheral sales are common profit-making methods for audio entertainment platforms for the “to consumer” market, while the “to business” is based on brand marketing and copyright sales to provide a commercial phenomenon space for the audio platform, and gradually explore its own profit channels, at the same time stimulate the development potential of China’s audio content consumption market.

In recent years, subscription and advertising have become “dual engines”, and brand marketing has chosen the audio platform as one of the important positions, and the trend of the number of brands that put audio media on mobile terminals has increased by more than 55%.

China's Online Audio Content Consumption Market Analysis l OctoPlus Media

Due to the characteristics of high openness, high readability and high inclusiveness of audio content, the integration of sound effects into multiple scenarios open up an immersive experience in audio marketing, Audio can help advertisers accurately reach more user groups and receive brand-related information when users listen to audio content, constructing a commercial closed loop of “longing – complete” with content consumption

Audio Content Consumption Market Trend Outlook

At present, the number of monthly active users in China’s online “ear economy” market remains at around 800 million, entering a period of market stability. While currently, the number of registrations of smart home companies continues to increase, the continuous increase in the penetration rate of smart homes, will also bring a positive driving effect to the audio market, and it is expected that user traffic will continue to increase.

In addition, with the entry of new players: Baidu’s online podcast platform “Suisheng”, Tencent’s “Baodong” and ByteDance’s “Feile”, under the fierce competition of new and old players, the “ear economy” will have unlimited potential. The series of new content forms such as podcasts and audio dramas are expected to become one of the important fulcrums of the commercial value of audio platforms.

Today’s popular e-commerce is also gradually emerging in the audio industry, opening up revenue for different platforms and becoming an important second revenue growth curve. “Online users and voice anchors have a stronger emotional connection and a high sense of trust than e-commerce anchors, so they have the characteristics of high user stickiness and high willingness to pay, so that voice anchors can easily obtain better conversion effects with goods.

The joint brand marketing service “Voice with commerce” model of “commerce + advertising” greatly enhances the monetization ability of the audio platform.

Contact us to download the full report in Chinese!

2022 Luxury Industry Insights

The luxury industry report made by Miaozhen System and Mininglamp Technology observes and analyses the traffic and strategies of luxury goods on social media, brand communication, crowd observation, hot topics and market trends, and publishes six luxury goods industry reports. Brand product categories included are clothing, bags, jewellery, perfumes, watches and other categories. We list down some of the key insights below –

Insight 1: Celebrity Traffic

2022 Luxury Industry Insights l OctoPlus Media

Celebrities have always been an important source of voice for luxury brands, however recently many celebrity crisis events have not only aroused social concern but there has also been a series of actions on policy, which has led to a significant reduction in discussion on social media.

Many brands have reduced their cooperation with viral stars in the short term, on the contrary, can increase traffic by increasing overseas celebrity materials or reducing the posting of viral stars to reduce interactions with fans. Luxury brands can consider liberating from traffic involution and using different marketing ideas like bringing life scenes into products.

Example: CHANEL, which has caused heated discussions by integrating daily and brand elements into products and launching 17 daily product items, and conducting offline events to reproduce the production site by inviting the public to experience it in person.

Insight 2: Brand Core Values

In order to strengthen the communication of brand culture, many luxury brands hold offline exhibitions, bookstore pop-ups, cooperation with artists and films, etc., and use brand art to penetrate literary life, return to the core value of the brand, and at the same time, it helps greatly increase the brand’s voice. With the development of science and technology, brands are following the art hotspots by launching metaverse products such as NFT (non-fungible currency) and virtual products.

2022 Luxury Industry Insights l OctoPlus Media

In 2021, DIOR combines fashion classics with art, telling the rich artistic heritage of the brand through different styles paying tribute to DIOR’s infinite passion for artistic life, in terms of strategy, not only celebrities and KOLs are invited to attend the event and share after the exhibition, but the exhibition documentary was also screened at the event to allow attendees to have an in-depth “dialogue” with the designer. The volume of DIOR’s activity reached 12.6 million, and the number of Weibo topic views reached 630M.

In 2021, DIOR combines fashion classics with art, telling the rich artistic heritage of the brand through different styles paying tribute to DIOR’s infinite passion for artistic life, in terms of strategy, not only celebrities and KOLs are invited to attend the event and share after the exhibition, but the exhibition documentary was also screened at the event to allow attendees to have an in-depth “dialogue” with the designer. The volume of DIOR’s activity reached 12.6 million, and the number of Weibo topic views reached 630M.

Insight 3: Platform Strategy

2022 Luxury Industry Insights l OctoPlus Media

The growth rate of KOL posts on Douyin and Xiaohongshu is an important platform for luxury brands to increase their influence. Xiaohongshu is mainly used as a platform for TA communication and product longing, and KOL and KOC continuously growing, and their driving role deserves brand attention. But compared with top brands, mid and lower-tier luxury brands need to further strengthen their platform influence. Douyin is growing rapidly for level 2 KOLs and KOCs, they are actively involved in luxury topics and publish a lot of fashion-related content, therefore, as a new social media marketing track, Douyin is an important position for luxury brands to “break the circle”.

Insight 4: Crowd Insights

According to the report, Gen Z is the password for future brand growth, so brands need to understand and learn how to communicate with them. 78% of Gen Z female users discuss luxury goods; 49% of Gen Z are from first-tier cities and 33% from second-tier cities; topics they are interested in include freedom, beauty and romance, literary and artistic niches, fashion, books, games, animation, and more. Generation Z yearns for art and quality life, they pay attention to the sense of ritual, and there has been a change in the trend of promoting aesthetics, especially it can be seen that trendy fashion has penetrated into high-class boutiques, greatly influencing generation Z’s desire to own trendy fashion. With the development of the internet, social networks are an important means for luxury brands to influence Gen Z:

  • Weibo: The main platform for young fans to support idols, which can promote the fan economy

  • Xiaohongshu: Fashion content is sought after, and the main product longing platform for Gen Z

  • Douyin: The popularity of short videos has grown, attracting a large number of young users, and it is easier to reach the Gen Z group

  • Bilibili: Young users are the most active, and its rich and diverse community can reach community penetration in different circles

Insight 5: Trending Hotspots

It can be said that outdoor activities have set off a boom in the post-epidemic era, such as skiing, surfing, camping, etc., which has increased the social media volume of luxury brands related to outdoor activities by 117%, for example, PRADA launched the outdoor-themed “Prada Outdoor”, which is a limited-time camping garden that creates “interesting gardens” offline and attracts a lot of camping enthusiasts. In addition, due to the influence of the Beijing Winter Olympics, many luxury brands have successively launched a series of products inspired by the Winter Olympics, making skiing a more luxurious outdoor activity.

2022 Luxury Industry Insights l OctoPlus Media

Insight 6: Product Trends

2022 Luxury Industry Insights l OctoPlus Media

According to the industry category observation, fashionable and practical watches ranked first in the category volume, followed by the popular sports and leisure shoes and bags in 2021 ranked second and third.

From the survey point of view, brand creation needs to be achieved through brand recognition + practicality + fashion sense.

  • Brand recognition: Displaying iconic elements on logos, fabrics, and printing patterns can make consumers associate with brands and increase uniqueness and recognition, especially for entry-level popular products

  • Practicality: Entering consumer life scenarios, such as commuting, shopping, outdoor sports, etc., consumers pay more attention to the practicality of products after the epidemic

  • Fashion sense: As creators and leaders of fashion trends, luxury brands need to concretize the fashion concept of product design to help consumers increase their overall aesthetics and fashion.

The above insights are based on the analysis of the survey conducted by the luxury brand industry in 2021. Brand development can still keep pace with the times according to current events, and focus on social media hotspots to increase the brand’s voice.

Contact us to get the full report in Chinese!


2021 China Invalid Traffic Report

According to the internet advertising data monitored by the Miaozhen system throughout 2021, it is estimated that the loss caused by invalid traffic in the Chinese brand advertising market in 2021 is about 32.6 billion yuan.

In preparing this report, Miaozhen System monitored over 77,000 advertising campaigns from PC, Mobile, and NEW TV in 2021, covering a total of 1,000+ media and involving 1,900+ brands. Marketing and media formats cover internet hard-broadcasting, offline media, website information, social platforms and KOLs, etc.

An overview of invalid traffic changes in 2021 vs 2020

2021 China Invalid Traffic Report l OctoPlus Media
  • According to statistics, compared with 2020, the proportion of invalid Internet advertising traffic in 2021 will increase by 1.5%, while the proportion of normal traffic will decrease by 1.1%.

  • The proportion of invalid traffic on social platforms has decreased, among which the abnormal traffic of the six major media platforms has dropped by 10%; the forum has dropped by 5%.

  • The average number of invalid followers of KOL has improved, and the proportion has dropped by 5.7%

  • The proportion of invalid traffic on the NEW TV terminal increased by 0.6%.

Status of invalid traffic in 2021

1. Internet advertising

  • In 2021, invalid internet advertising traffic accounted for 10.1%, an increase of 1.5% compared with 8.6% in 2020.

  • The invalid exposure of Display ads is higher than that of Video ads, and the percentage of abnormal clicks is slightly lower than Video ads.

  • In 2021, both vertical media and advertising alliances will be the hardest-hit areas for invalid exposure, and the proportion of abnormal clicks in advertising alliances and portal information is much higher than that of other media types.

  • Among vertical media in 2021, tourism media will have the most invalid exposure (23.6%), followed by financial media (20.1%), followed by automotive media (18.2%).

  • In the invalid exposure industry in 2021, the leisure and entertainment industry accounted for the highest proportion of abnormal exposure (20.4%), followed by transportation (15.3%) and medicine and health care (12.8%).

  • In 2021, the invalid clicks in the financial and wealth management industry will be the most serious (28.3%).

2. Invalid traffic on social media platforms

2021 China Invalid Traffic Report l OctoPlus Media
  • The “Clean cyberspace” action implemented in 2021 has achieved results, and the invalid traffic on social platforms has dropped significantly compared to 2020.
  • Invalid traffic in many industries has decreased, of which only luxury goods and industries accounted for more than half of invalid traffic

3. KOL average invalid followers

2021 China Invalid Traffic Report l OctoPlus Media
  • In 2021, the average proportion of invalid followers of KOLs will reach 54.8%, a decrease of 5.7% from 60.5% in 2020.

  • Among KOLs of different levels, the lower tier KOL has the highest invalid followers, and the proportion of invalid followers is the highest; the proportion of invalid interactions is also the highest.

  • The proportion of invalid followers of KOLs in transportation and beauty and personal care is relatively high.

  • The proportion of invalid interactions between mother-infant parent-child and food and beverage KOLs is relatively high.

4. Invalid traffic in the private domain

2021 China Invalid Traffic Report l OctoPlus Media
  • In 2021, there will be a variety of invalid behaviours in the private domain traffic of the automobile industry. According to the analysis of the report, an average of 4.5% of the users on the website of car companies are invalid users and generated 10.3% of the total number of invalid page views. This part of the invalid traffic will be extended to generate a large number of abnormal conversions (such as leads), which will ultimately affect the marketing effect.

  • More than 40% of the automobile industry websites have invalid traffic. In 2021, the number of invalid sales leads on the website of car companies will be 44%, a year-on-year increase of 33%.

  • The proportion of invalid sales leads in the automotive industry application tools and enterprise service media is relatively high.

5. Invalid traffic of NEW TV ads

2021 China Invalid Traffic Report l OctoPlus Media
  • New TV ads accounted for 6.5% of invalid traffic throughout the year, and Decision Rate was 97.5%.

  • In 2021, the industries with the highest proportion of new TV abnormality and invalid exposure are leisure and entertainment (29.2%), clothing and apparel (26.8%), and home improvement furniture and home furnishing industry (15.2%); among them, education culture is the industry with the highest proportion of abnormal exposure TOP10 in the new list in 2021.

  • On the New TV side, regular banners have the highest percentage of invalid exposure (20.5%).

6. Invalid offline advertising traffic

2021 China Invalid Traffic Report l OctoPlus Media
  • Invalid traffic in outdoor monitoring accounted for 5.6%, abnormal radio advertisements accounted for 2.8%, abnormal points in digital monitoring accounted for 2.3%, and abnormal times accounted for 10.8%

  • In 2021, the proportion of invalid publications in other important outdoor advertising scenes, among which the invalid rate of media in railway station and subway station scenes exceeds 5.0%, and the rate of non-publishing of media in airport scenes is the lowest.

  • The missed broadcast rate of radio advertisements was 1.4%; the invalid rate of wrong broadcasts was 1.4%; the multicast rate of radio advertisements was 5.0%.

  • In the 2021 outdoor digital screen advertising, the number of missed broadcasts is 10.8%, and the point-to-point missed publication rate is 2.3%.

  • In 2021, the number of times multicast rate is 9.1%, and the point-to-point multicast rate is 16.6%.

Unusual Advertising Cases in 2021

Case 1: The same ad is exposed repeatedly, and the same creative is exposed more than once

2021 China Invalid Traffic Report l OctoPlus Media

Data source: Miaozhen offline outdoor advertising monitoring database

Case 2: One exposure counts multiple times. Ad creative plays once but impression request fires twice

2021 China Invalid Traffic Report l OctoPlus Media

Case 3: Advertising channel or geographic bias. Wrong traffic exposure or geographic bias compare to customer initial request.

2021 China Invalid Traffic Report l OctoPlus Media

Case 4: Invalid media: Invalidity of the media carrying equipment and interference by other factors

2021 China Invalid Traffic Report l OctoPlus Media

Contact us to download the full report in Chinese or learn about how to use Miaozhen for effective reporting of invalid traffic across different channels!

New Development Trends of New Consumer Brands

According to Morketing’s observation of new consumer brands, it is found that new consumer brands are starting to use different marketing methods from previous brands in the early stages of development. They are moving toward the development direction of the “endogenous force” stage. Morketing spoke to several new consumer brands and below are some key points.

1. Online to Offline

Generally speaking, new consumer brands will start to develop online at the initial stage and will turn to offline at a certain stage, but at present, new consumer brands are beginning to move to the offline model, and formulate the operation method suitable for their own brand according to the brand positioning. The main reason for the brand to switch offline is to give consumers a deeper experience, as most of the experience of online channels can only be experienced in terms of packaging, logistics speed, after-sales, etc., and as there is a slight error, it will face bad reviews. Therefore, opening a store has become the choice for some new consumer brands to go offline, allowing consumers to have a real feeling in purchasing products and have a deeper communication and interaction between brands and consumers.

New Development Trends of New Consumer Brands l OctoPlus Media

Case:Naitangpai will focus to create brand space, where bier can try on products and get better solutions for chest shaping and wearing problems.

2. Brand upgrade

Logo and positioning should be in line with the business philosophy of the enterprise. The brand’s cultural characteristics and value orientation are the specific symbols of the enterprise spirit. New consumer brands pay more attention to brand positioning and logo, and make adjustments according to the development of their own brands in many aspects, for example, by further optimising from the visual point of view and tonality of the brand. For example, visually choosing a colour contrast with strong senses; while the design can enhance the user’s memory is the key, it is mainly necessary to combine brand elements to show the uniqueness of the brand.

New Development Trends of New Consumer Brands l OctoPlus Media

Case: Canban has actively re-upgraded in positioning and vision to enrich the brand tone.

3. Enhance brand value

With the upgrade of the brand, the value of the brand also increases, especially if you want to attract new customers and repurchase, “brand power” is the key. At this stage, it has been observed that new consumer brands have transformed from simply selling products to selling spiritual culture. Most of the new consumer brands are promoting their brands by amateurs, not celebrities with high traffic.

New Development Trends of New Consumer Brands l OctoPlus Media

Case: In order to convey the brand attitude of “Live Different”, moody invited Yamy Guo Ying, Jiang Sida and other guests to shoot the first brand attitude film in the new year, expressing their respective life experiences and insisting on “different” in life, the main purpose is to hope to awaken everyone’s inner self.

4. Use media to expand brand awareness

The media traffic is one of the keys for brands to gain attention and reach more target groups, from social platforms or large-scale events, we can see that new consumer brands frequently appear and accept media interviews, it is to expose new brands to more people, and to establish and expand the brand value. Brands not only increase the brand’s trust in consumers’ hearts by means of higher-cost offline advertising such as elevator advertisements, sponsoring TV dramas, variety shows, and signing new spokespersons but also build brand awareness through social media promotion. For example, a well-known coffee brand in China has placed advertisements in the popular TV dramas around the office plot, in order to have the opportunity to arouse the interest of viewers, especially office workers.

5. Data Tools

Most new consumer brands choose lightweight and small tools and platforms that are less cost-intensive, suitable for their own brands and can help brands bring efficient traffic and data analysis, realize the optimization of the existing investment and operation mode, and enhance the growth and long-term development of the brand with more benefits in the future.

6. Strengthen content marketing

Content marketing provides consumers with different product content and then guides users to produce content independently through the planning of activity content, such as using hot spots or life scenes to create product story content, driving users to generate associations, and leaving a deep impression on the brand. In the next few years, new consumer brands will continue to focus on content. For them, it is not only the role of interacting or connecting with users but more deeply from the perspective of brand attitude to promote the brand’s own philosophy.

New Development Trends of New Consumer Brands l OctoPlus Media

Case: YIN has launched a recycling plan for packaging of the brand’s iconic glass pyramid jewelry box – “Returning Plan” under social responsibility, to encourage users to return the idle pyramid jewelry box to YIN for the material of sustainable artistic creative.

To sum up the above, all the actions of new consumer brands at this stage are centered on “brand building”, and it is foreseeable that new consumer brands are starting to become more complete and developing towards a systematic development.

For more detailed information, please contact us to obtain the original text (in Chinese).

App of the month – Mango TV

MangoTV l OctoPlus Media

Mango TV, established in 2006, is an internet video platform for Hunan Radio and Television. Mango TV is a Chinese online video media platform that provides users with diverse content, including variety shows, movies, TV series, animation, sports, news, games, micro-movies, etc.

Mango TV l OctoPlus Media

Mango TV is one of the four video and audio platforms with the largest domestic market share (Youku, Tencent, iQiyi), and in 2018, it launched the Mango TV international version APP (MangoTV), providing global users to watch its film and television dramas and variety shows. Mango TV is currently one of the world’s 500 largest media companies and ranks second in Asia.

Mango TV APP has a total of more than 76 million downloads, has more than 69 million subscribers, and ranks in the top five video APP categories in many Asian countries (Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia), among them, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand accounted for the largest downloads.

Mango TV international version APP user analysis

  • Most of the users of the Mango TV APP are female, and most of the users are young people, ranging from 18 to 34 years old.
  • The user group of the Mango TV APP has a high willingness to spend, and 72% of them have the desire to spend online.
  • The average monthly income of the users of the Mango TV APP is more than 1140 US dollars, and more than half of the users have the financial ability.

Mango TV APP Advertising Model

Mango TV APP advertising has two models:

  1. Project Partnership Model – Content-Based and Customized Advertising
  2. Standard Advertising Model – Standard Ads that can be purchased directly
MangoTV l OctoPlus Media

The project cooperation model is based on customized advertisements generated by content and customization. Advertisers can choose more than 5 popular variety shows or TV dramas, insert the advertisement content into the popular programs and push them to online audiences, increasing brand awareness in a short period of time.

  • Pre/Mid-Roll Ad
  • 5s Sponsor Acknowledgement Ad
  • Sponsor Logo Overlay
  • Paused Ad

Purchase model: CPM

MangoTV l OctoPlus Media

The standard advertising model is the advertising model commonly seen in our video-type APPs, including common screen-opening advertisements, information flow, graphic advertisements, etc., which reach users according to different usage scenarios, and are mainly divided into three types: launch, browsing and streaming:


Usually appearing when the user launches the app, this type of advertisement generally has a large amount of exposure, and it is suitable for scenarios including the launch of a new product, which brings huge traffic to the brand in a short period of time.

  • Open Splash Ad
  • Showtime
  • Carousel Banner


According to the user’s browsing behaviour, advertisements appear in different positions of the APP to reach potential customers in many ways.

  • In-Feed Ad
  • Play Page Banner
  • Pre/Mid-roll Ad
  • Logo Overlay


Ads appear when users watch APP video content to increase ad visibility.

  • Paused Ad
  • Video Paused Ad
  • All-screen Paused Ad

Purchase model: CPM

Why choose to advertise on Mango TV APP?

  • The Mango TV APP is localized and supports up to seven languages.
  • It has a huge overseas user group, provides diversified content, and its flagship content and IP viewing volume are high.
  • Diversified advertising models and diverse advertising locations meet the different needs of different brands for advertising and achieve different scene needs.
  • Ads are highly visible and support non-skippable ad formats to improve ad viewability.
  • Precise targeting freely controls the date and time of advertising, frequency, and area of ​​advertising according to the needs of advertisers.
  • Strict advertising monitoring to ensure real traffic.

To learn more about Mango TV, or to start developing your marketing plan, please contact us!

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