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Xiaomi AR Marketing Success in the Middle East

Xiaomi AR Marketing Success in the Middle East

In less than 24 hours, the AR filter has reached and covered 5.6 million people in Saudi Arabia (the total population of Saudi Arabia is 34 million). This set of “stormy” marketing data is the latest marketing “record” of Xiaomi’s flagship device in the Middle East, Xiaomi 11T Pro, on Snapchat, the well-known multimedia instant messaging app.

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Xiaomi has released its smartphone, Xiaomi 11T Pro in the Middle East market in 2021, further advancing to the mid-to-high end market in the Middle East. Snapchat took this opportunity to tailor a series of innovative brand marketing activities for Xiaomi to increase the brand awareness of the Xiaomi brand in the mid-to-high end market in the Middle East.

Snapchat is known as the “Middle East version of WeChat” and has more than 67 million active users in the Middle East, and the number of users is still growing rapidly at an annual rate of 38%. In addition, Snapchat has reached many young consumers with strong spending power in the Middle East, who are willing to pay for new electronic products.

The marketing strategy was well-planned and designed as this AR campaign keenly grasped the unique selling point of Xiaomi 11T Pro’s 108 MP main camera, with high-quality imaging effects as the main highlight, combined with the tourism culture of the Middle East, to create an AR, with multiple sets of filters designed with the concept of “Visit the World without leaving home”, users can select various travel scenarios such as mountain climbing, city traveling, flight, and unlock online global travel through the immersive interactive method, to record beautiful moments and experience them, providing a personally perceive and autonomous delivery of product experience.

From the perspective of marketing outcome, the novel and interesting form has attracted the extensive participation and communication of young consumer groups, realizing the integration of product and effect. For instance, through the promotion of AR Lens, the AR filter has covered nearly 5.6 million people in Saudi Arabia (a total population of 34 million) in one day. In addition, Snapchat has utilized the Brand Life Study methodology to conduct research on brand and advertising awareness, brand loyalty, and purchase intention in Saudi Arabia. The result showed that 150,000 users would consider buying a Xiaomi phone in their next smartphone purchase. Ultimately, Xiaomi influences the sales decisions of a large audience at a cost far below that of a marketing campaign. Among all the age groups, the 21-24-year-old youth group had the strongest “resonance” with the AR advertising, which greatly influenced their purchase intention.

Why is AR marketing recognized by the industry and so popular among the brand owners/advertisers?

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First, AR with its own spread of “heat” can easily detonate social fission. When users interact with the brand’s AR filter and feel the fun of the shuttle between the virtual and reality, they are ignited easily and begin to spread spontaneously, making it easy for the brand to become popular in an instant. Secondly, immersive AR experiences endow brands with the magic of being perceived, and perception brings trust. Every time a user uses an AR filter, it is a first hands-on experience of the product’s highlight features. Compared to traditional advertisements that are blindly “preaching”, AR allows the brand to bring the real perception, trust, and more direct “buying”, thus, the brand is also easily recognizable because of being “perceived”. Lastly, AR technology brings a new “halo” to the brand and becomes the “trump card” for overtaking the corners. AR marketing provides a brand a new way of presentation. Because of its own sense of technology, it amplifies the innovation and fun of the brand itself and builds an entirely new “halo” for the brand, which can easily boost the brand to break the circle at the speed of light.

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