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Alipay - China's mainstream third-party payment service platform


What is Alipay?


Alipay is a third-party payment service platform in China, founded in December 2004 under the Ant Group umbrella. Alipay is currently one of the mainstream payment methods in China, it has evolved from a single payment tool to an open platform covering life services, government services, social networks, financial management, insurance, and other industries.

In the early days, Alipay was a division of Taobao, and later it gradually developed into an independent payment platform, with “trust” as the core of products and services. It is committed to providing “safe, simple, fast and convenient” payment solutions for enterprises and individuals and cooperating with more than 200 financial institutions

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Alipay Data Analysis

  • The first mobile digital payment solution, available in more than 80 countries overseas

  • 87% of Chinese outbound travellers use Alipay

  • Alipay has more than 350+ million European merchants

  • Italy, the preferred destination for Chinese tourists (over 3 million Chinese arrived in Italy), has over 150+ brands using Alipay as their mobile payment solution

  • More than 150+ million Chinese outbound tourists worldwide – with an estimated global purchase volume of more than US$190+ billion

  • Alipay for fashion, luxury goods, cosmetics, travel and dining

Alipay User Analysis

  • There is little gender difference among users, with 56% are male

  • 1.2 billion users worldwide and 687 million MAU

  • 65% of users are above 31 years old, users aged 31-35 (35%), users over 36+ (34%)

Alipay Customer Engagement Platform

  • Awareness – Direct and profiled marketing

  • In-store traffic – Geographic and real-time marketing

  • Conversion – Coupons

  • Loyalty – Analytical and cross-marketing

Brand Opportunities

  • Mini programs embedded in Alipay, such as loyalty programs

  • Content marketing for customers within Alipay

  • Brands retain control of the customer experience during payment processing and delivery

  • Access to online payments through your apps or website

Alipay Interface

Alipay Introduction
  1. Homepage: Various functions such as food delivery, money transfer, top-up, ticket purchase, etc.

  2. Finance page: Various functions like funds, gold, stocks, insurance, etc.

  3. Outbound Travel page: Various functions to make everything convenient at the destination

Alipay ads, Alipay marketing

Alipay Ad Display

  • Banner ads: Advertisers set up campaigns for a single item, store, or brands

  • Details page: Move to the details page after clicking an ads

  • Payment confirmation page: Ads will display after payment is completed.

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