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Edwin Tan
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Happy Friday everyone! Let’s welcome our new intern – Ms. Octo!

Happy Friday everyone! Let's welcome our new intern --- Ms. Octo! She will be competing with another new intern "Plus" who is joining next week! Let's see who will be able to get the position of CEO (Cheif Entertainment Officer) and who will be the Security Officer !!
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2021 Douyin (China Tiktok) Short Video Ecommerce Trends and Insights

Douyin e-commerce has become a hot spot in the industry. The official Douyin e-commerce report shed insights on how they realized efficient conversion from user interest to consumption realization. In this video, our marketing coach and CEO of OctoPlus Media, Mia will summarize the report and present to you the important insights and highlights of...
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App of the month – Ctrip

Ctrip Travel is the world's leading online travel platform. It provides one-stop travel services from transportation tickets to hotels, and even tickets for scenic spots. The cumulative downloads of Ctrip's APP have exceeded 3 billion, and the ratio of male and female users is relatively balanced, with 50% under the age of 29. The consumption...
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Insights – 6.18 Douyin E-commerce trends

According to the statistics of the Feigua data platform "2021 Douyin 618 Good Things Festival", the volume of the Douyin 6.18 Good Things Festival in 2021 will be 36.04 billion, and the total live broadcast time will be 2,852 hours. Over 153 live broadcast room has a turnover of over 10 million yuan. The sales...
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Insights – 6.18 E-commerce sales

The 6.18 promotion is the last opportunity for merchants in the first half of the year. According to the analysis of Star Chart data, this year's merchants on various platforms have not only increased their subsidies and discounts and increased their scale, but also launched a variety of characteristic services such as list recommendation, pre-sale...
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Douyin Available On Desktop

Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, is now available on the desktop. On June 21, 2021, Douyin officially launched the internal beta of the web version, and its official website page has also been revised. The new version can watch videos, like, view comments and share videos.
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Xiaohongshu – Content seeding Strategy

Xiaohongshu has a high-quality, high-net-worth, active user group in China, with 450 million registered users. In addition to younger users, female users account for 78%. They have strong spending power. More than 90% of users habitually learn about product information in Xiaohongshu. The biggest attraction of Xiaohongshu is to seed product content to make consumers...
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Apple Search Ads in China

Finally! Apple Search Ads has arrived in mainland China! On June 22nd 2021 Apple announced the long-awaited launch of Search Ads on the Apple App Store in Mainland China. With around 22% China mobile market share, taking advantage of Apple Search Ads now being available is critical for any developer or marketer concentrating on the...
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The Complete China Advertising Handbook 2021 Guide Preview by OctoPlus Media

Download the E-Book on China Advertising Now for FREE!

OctoPlus Media Curated Content for China Marketing Education. We have prepared two comprehensive guides for you to discover the China market! Discover the China market and Integrate with marketers to make better decisions and devise better marketing programs!
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The Type of Live Streams in China Market l OctoPlus Media

直播類型有哪些?Types of Chinese live-streaming

The trend of live stream is growing rapidly, especially in the China market. More and more brands are leveraging the trends in order to stand up in the highly competitive market. In this video, our live streaming coach, Seawen will talk about the current live streaming trend in the China market.
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