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Baidu: Dominant Search Engine in China

What is Baidu?

Baidu is the dominant Chinese internet search engine company, it was founded in Beijing on January 1, 2000. Baidu is one of China’s three Internet giants, (BAT). As of December 2020, Baidu ranked fourth in Alexa and second in China, with the world’s second-largest search engine market share.

Baidu | Octoplus Media

Baidu SEM – Keyword Search

Baidu keyword search service covers 95% of Chinese netizens and is the largest Chinese search engine.

The following are the characteristics of Baidu SEM:

  • Support display on PC and mobile
  • The search results are displayed on the first page to reach potential users quickly
  • Support multiple styles – text, image, image group, lists, videos, download formats
  • AD placement – the first page on the computer, marked with “Ads”, the bottom of search results on the computer, etc
  • Payment mechanism – pay according to performance keywords
  • Paid model – CPC (Cost Per Click)
Baidu | Octoplus Media

Baidu Search Promotion

Uses search keywords and built-in AI system matching to connect advertisers with users

Baidu Search Promotion | Octoplus Media

Baidu Brand Zone

Baidu brand zone is located at the top of Baidu search results, with the first screen display position and comprehensively promotes and displays corporate brand information in various advertising forms such as text, pictures and videos. It enables users to have a better understanding of the brand’s official website, and obtain the required corporate information. This is an innovative brand promotion model that enhances the efficiency of corporate brand identity.

  • Various styles – normal, advanced and customized
  • Advertising is on the first screen of a search result on PC and Mobile.
  • Payment mechanism – CPT (Cost per time, minimum 1 month)
Baidu Brand Zone | Octoplus Media

Advantages of Baidu Brand Zone

  • Prime placement on the first page
  • Strengthen the overall brand image and consumer trust
  • An important channel for brands to communicate with consumers
  • Better branding
  • Better interaction with brand users through the corresponding information of various product catalogues

Baidu Infeed ads

Baidu infeed ads is the type of advertisement interspersed with information traffic such as Baidu app, Baidu Tieba and Haokan videos, etc. It has a large amount of high-quality content and media resources, covering the entire network of users. Baidu infeed ads carry hundreds of millions of traffic and continuously optimises its product and comprehensively improves promotional results.

Baidu Infeed Ads | Octoplus Media


  • Low interference to users
  • AI-powered algorithms
  • Multidimensional directional locking
  • Bid & creative double guarantee

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