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Boosting Your Little Red Book Traffic: Key Techniques Revealed

Boosting Your Little Red Book Traffic Key Techniques Revealed

How to get free traffic from Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) ?

1. Follow official accounts
• Follow the Little Red Book Growth Boost account “Author Assistant” service account to get an extra 100 traffic coupons.
• Subscribe to Note Inspiration to receive an additional 200 promotion coupons.

2. Participate in topic challenges
• Follow official accounts in your field, actively participate in official topic activities, or complete challenges to receive corresponding traffic rewards.

3. Make proper use of tags
• When participating in activities, use relevant topic tags to increase exposure.
• Additionally, topic tags # also increase traffic in search entrances.

4. Choose landmark locations
For suitable content, select a publishing location to not only distribute more local traffic but also attract nearby users, increasing exposure.

5. Use promotion coupons promptly
• In the Growth Boost section of the Creation Center, you can check the expiration date of the traffic and promotion coupons you’ve earned.
• Choose high-quality notes to receive more positive feedback for increased exposure.
• If there are no outstanding note promotions, you can choose any note for promotion to avoid wasting traffic.
Usage tips: It is recommended to use them in the morning on the same day.
• Traffic coupons themselves have expiration dates, and using them later wastes the traffic opportunity.
• Official promotion quotas are saturated in the afternoon, so try to use traffic promotion coupons in the morning.

Xiaohongshu New Account Growth Key Strategies

Select topics in popular areas within the note inspiration
• From the Creation Center, click on Note Inspiration, choose a suitable topic to publish notes, and your notes can directly enter the high-temperature traffic pool, sharing a weekly pool of 100,000 flows.
• Note inspiration has topics in multiple popular areas on the platform, with new topics updated every Friday, so you can keep up with new topics.

Continue creating content in note inspiration
• Persist in continuous creation, you may receive official 100, 200, 500, 1000, and 2000 promotion coupons, which is very advantageous for new creators.

Note: As long as you don’t violate the rules, you will receive platform traffic support, so try to avoid violations.

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