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APP of the Month

App of the month – Mango TV

Mango TV, established in 2006, is an internet video platform for Hunan Radio and Television. Mango TV is a Chinese online video media platform that provides users with diverse content, including variety shows, movies, TV series, animation, sports, news, games, micro-movies, etc. Mango TV is one of the four video and audio platforms with the...
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App of the month – FaceU

FaceU is a camera on IOS and Android platforms made by the Toutiao Face Moe team. Developed at the end of 2014, FaceU was officially launched on September 14, 2015. Faceu provides young users with photo and video functions. As a photo camera that launched the sticker function earlier in the domestic industry, it also...
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App of the month – Qzone

Qzone is a QQ subsidiary product with Microblog function developed by Tencent in 2005. Qzone has functions such as talk, log, share, photo album, video, message board and so on. Its web application center also has many third-party applications, among which the famous applications are QQ Farm, QQ Ranch etc. Qzone is the first young...
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App of the month – MOMO

Momo, a Nasdaq listed social platform based on LBS to meet new acquittances. Its platform is similar to its US counterpart, Tinder. Momo has launched two versions, Chinese and English. The English version currently only supports the IOS platform. Momo has more than 100 million users and 60 million monthly active users. The user population...
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App of the month – AutoNavi / Gaode Map

AutoNavi Maps is a professional navigation platform with accurate data in China. It is currently used by more than 700 million users, covering 90% of car owners across the country for driving and comprehensive car owner services, and it has covered more than 60 one-stop taxi-hailing platforms, ranking first in the travel industry.
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App of the month – FlyerT

FlyerT.com is a well-known Chinese frequent flyer social networking site that provides credit card information sharing, hotel reviews and travel guides for frequent hotel guests and airline frequent guests. It has been in operation since 2009. It is China’s largest airline frequent flyer member social networking site and China’s second-largest credit card community. It currently...
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App of the month – iQiyi

IQiyi is China's largest online video streaming website. It was established in Beijing in 2010. It is known as "China Netflix". IQiyi owns massive, high-quality, high-definition online videos, and is a professional online video playback platform. The content of video resources in iQiyi is rich and varied, covering movies, TV series, animation, variety shows and...
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App of the month – Jessica’s Secret

Jessica’s Secret is a price comparison APP for tourism shopping that founded by Jessica’s Group. Jessica’s Secret provides real-time price information of over 900 shopping malls and duty-free shops from 60 countries. The APP act as the bridge between travel retail and Chinese market, total APP user as of 2019 is nearly 1.4 million with...
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App of the month – MaFengWo

MaFengWo (马蜂窝) is the leading travel & leisure platform in China. Initially they started as a platform to share information about travel but went to establish as OTA later. Users on the platform share their journeys, travel tips, itineraries, recommendations, and feedback with other users on the platform.
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App of the month – Ctrip

Ctrip Travel is the world's leading online travel platform. It provides one-stop travel services from transportation tickets to hotels, and even tickets for scenic spots. The cumulative downloads of Ctrip's APP have exceeded 3 billion, and the ratio of male and female users is relatively balanced, with 50% under the age of 29. The consumption...
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