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Big Data & China Insights

2022 China Private Traffic Strategy for Consumer Brands

The most popular operation model for China brands is the combination model, which uses the combination of a public traffic platform touchpoint and brand private traffic channels to pull the brand’s traffic to the highest point. So what is a public traffic platform touchpoint? What is a private traffic channel?
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2022 China Gifting Consumption Trend Insight: Future Gifting Trend of Generation XYZ

China people have a habit of giving gifts to make friendly contacts, especially when visiting relatives and friends who have been away for a long time, willingness to choose souvenirs as gifts. But as the demographic change, Gen XYZ, the most influential generation in consumption, has different trends in consumption and gift-giving.
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12 Insights From 2022 China’s Video Consumption Trends

Under the background of the impact of the pandemic, the categories of live broadcast products are becoming more and more abundant, and they continue to meet the diversified consumption needs of the China masses, promote the prosperity and development of the video account e-commerce ecosystem, and open the video account live broadcast models.
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Insights Report – 2022 China Male Consumption

According to QuestMobile data, the average monthly usage time of APPs by China men has increased to a new high in the same period, reaching 167.7 hours, and the monthly active users are close to 600 million.
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2022 Insights on Gen Z Mobile User

Active mobile users of Gen Z composed of post-95s and post-00s have exceeded 220 million, accounting for about 22% of all mobile netizens in China. The average internet usage is about 174.8 hours, which exceeds the level of 140.1 hours for the entire network. Additionally, the APP usage time is higher than the average level...
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2022 China Marketing Trends – Popular Consumer Group Insights Report Analysis

Entering the year 2022, many changes have taken place in the China market environment. According to the “2022 Popular Consumer Group Insights” report released by GeTui, through the combination of big data and current China market trends and consumption hotspots, it is found that there are many changes in the China market environment and identifies...
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2022 Kuaishou VS Douyin Short Video Live Streaming E-commerce Insights

According to the latest data from QuestMobile, as of February 2022, Douyin and Kuaishou's live streaming users accounted for 87% vs 86.0% respectively. Kuaishou and Douyin, which started from short videos, have become the main force platform of live streaming e-commerce.
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China Regulations – Major Chinese Platforms display IP Location of Users

On April 15th, Douyin, Toutiao, Kuaishou, Zhihu, Baijiahao (Baidu content platform) and other platforms announced that they will launch the function of displaying user IP location. Weibo has even upgraded the function of displaying users’ IP location, which was launched in March, including opening the comment area to display the IP location and the launch...
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2021 China Invalid Traffic Report

According to the internet advertising data monitored by the Miaozhen system throughout 2021, it is estimated that the loss caused by invalid traffic in the Chinese brand advertising market in 2021 is about 32.6 billion yuan. In preparing this report, Miaozhen System monitored over 77,000 advertising campaigns from PC, Mobile, and NEW TV in 2021,...
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2022 Luxury Industry Insights

The luxury industry report made by Miaozhen System and Mininglamp Technology observes and analyses the traffic and strategies of luxury goods on social media, brand communication, crowd observation, hot topics and market trends, and publishes six luxury goods industry reports. Brand product categories included are clothing, bags, jewellery, perfumes, watches and other categories.
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