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Big Data & China Insights

China Tech Crackdown – November updates

We continue our coverage on the great tech crackdown in China. If you have missed our previous coverage, read more about the Anti-monopoly crackdown, PIPL, Advertising law updates, October Update. November has been a very busy month for China policymakers, several new draft laws were released for public comment.
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China Tech Crackdown – October update

We continue our coverage on the great tech crackdown in China. If you have missed our previous coverage, read more about the Anti-monopoly crackdown, PIPL, Advertising law updates.
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Insights Report – Douyin Conversion Analysis

Kantar Consumer Index recently released a report on the conversion rate of short video advertisements on Douyin and invited advertisers including beauty, alcohol, and daily cosmetics to conduct research based on historical placement cases. Starting from consumers, this data measures the impact of different platforms and advertising forms on consumers' omnichannel buying behaviour, and then...
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China Regulation – Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL)

This is part of ongoing series of articles covering the recent changes in policy & regulation that will impact how companies do business in China. Last month we covered Anti-monopoly, this month we will be talking about PIPL - Personal Information Protection Law.
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Insights Report – China Internet Report 2021

The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the 48th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China on Aug 27. As of June 2021, the number of China's internet users surpassed 1 billion, up by 21.75 million since December 2020, and the internet availability rate reached 71.6% in the country. With over one billion internet...
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Insights of WeChat Luxury Brands 2021

“The WeChat Luxury Index 2021” by DLG and JINGdigital provides insights based on non-public data to allow luxury brands to benchmark their performance in the industry. WeChat is a social messaging and media platform launched in 2011, expanded the range of service from payments to e-commerce solutions.
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Insights – 6.18 Douyin E-commerce trends

According to the statistics of the Feigua data platform "2021 Douyin 618 Good Things Festival", the volume of the Douyin 6.18 Good Things Festival in 2021 will be 36.04 billion, and the total live broadcast time will be 2,852 hours. Over 153 live broadcast room has a turnover of over 10 million yuan. The sales...
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Insights – 6.18 E-commerce sales

The 6.18 promotion is the last opportunity for merchants in the first half of the year. According to the analysis of Star Chart data, this year's merchants on various platforms have not only increased their subsidies and discounts and increased their scale, but also launched a variety of characteristic services such as list recommendation, pre-sale...
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Insights Report – 2021 Douyin E-commerce

In 2020, online consumer demand grew rapidly, and Douyin e-commerce has become a hot spot in the industry. Douyin e-commerce has triggered the massive consumption demand of more than 600 million daily active users, realizing efficient conversion from user interest to consumption realization.
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China New Generation Consumer Trends 2021

2020 has presented a new series of challenges to companies all over the world. As domestic demand recovers and evolves through 2021, Chinese consumers have shown remarkable resilience. The report by Tong and Jing Daily identifies the areas of development that are expected to become a trend in Chinese consumer culture, as well as the...
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