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Big Data & China Insights

2021 Labour Day Holiday App Usage

According to QuestMobile data, during the May 1st period, travel services and other industries ushered in substantial growth. The average daily active users of the travel service industry increased by 81.776 million compared with the same period last year, with a growth rate of 48.5%. The number of users increased by 13.081 million compared with...
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2021 Travel Live Streaming

A new report from Analysys indicates that the scale of China's network live stream users increased by 55.5% from 2018 to 2020, and the individual live stream market also grew gradually, thus laying a user base for the development of tourism live stream. In recent years, the transaction scale of the live-streaming e-commerce market continues...
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2021 Online Social Behaviour

Mobtech and TT Voice recently released the "Online Social Behaviour Insights Report of Net Generation in 2021", which provides insight into the growing background, group characteristics, and online social behaviour of the Net generation (1995s and 2000s).
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Mobile advertising industry review & forecast

According to the "2020 Mobile Advertising Industry Report" found that the total number of clicks on the whole platform effect ads decreased by 4.2% year on year in 2020, compared with 2019, the fluctuation range is not large, and remains stable. To improve the quality of traffic, most advertisers tend to run the campaign on...
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Invalid traffic report in China in 2020

According to data by Miaozhen, losses due to unusual traffic in China’s brand advertising market in 2020 is about 30.5 billion yuan. Unusual traffic and data fraud are recurring problems of the digital marketing industry. Along with the trend of traffic conversion and data assets, it leads to the waste of social resources and property...
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Value of traffic marketing for vertical apps in China

Data from app tracker Analysys Qianfan shows that as of the third quarter of 2020, the number of mobile internet users in China reached 1.031 billion, with a year-on-year growth of 1.48% and a slight increase of 0.39%. According to past three years data, the growth rate of mobile internet users slowed down significantly, the...
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The ever expanding ecosystem of WeChat mini-program

The WeChat mini-program team announced that the average annual DAU of mini-program exceeded 400 million in 2020, and the annual cumulative transaction volume increased by more than 100%. The mini-Programs have given full play to the value of epidemic prevention in the last year.
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Getui-2021 Spring Festival travel data report

China government was very cautious and discouraged travel during the long festive  holiday, and recommend to spend the Spring Festival and enjoy traditional Chinese culture in the cities where they work to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Getui big data observed and analyzed the population traffic in major cities during the Spring Festival with the...
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2021 China Digital Marketing Trends

A China Digital Marketing Trends 2021 report is was recently released by the Miaozhen Academy of Marketing Science (MAMS), the Global Digital Marketing Summit (GDMS), and Media 360. The report was a forecast on China’s marketing trends and investments  in 2021 with the objective of helping advertisers and industry partners in planning their digital marketing...
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2020 Xiaohongshu Maternal and Child Industry Report

When we think of Xiaohongshu or Little Red Book, we immediately associate beauty & skincare product on the platform. This has created a lot of stereotypes and XHS is actively promoting other content ecology, especially maternal & infant, fashion, apparel, culture & tourism. This new report details the rapid increase in mother & baby category.
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