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China Marketing Ideas

China B2B Marketing – Is Short Video applicable to Enterprises?

In China’s internet environment, the short video refers to video content that is less than 5 minutes long and spread through new media platforms such as social media, search engines, and professional short video platforms. According to the report, the number of short video users in 2021 was 934 million, showing an increase of 6.99%...
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618 Mid-year Platform Promotion Launch Strategy

618 is the second-largest and most important shopping festival in China, while Double 11 is the largest shopping festival. From June 1st to June 18th every year, China's e-commerce landscape is full of large-scale promotions and discounts on the hottest products of the moment, so it is an important large node of the year for...
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New Development Trends of New Consumer Brands

According to Morketing’s observation of new consumer brands, it is found that new consumer brands are starting to use different marketing methods from previous brands in the early stages of development. They are moving toward the development direction of the “endogenous force” stage. Morketing spoke to several new consumer brands and below are some key...
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China’s Virtual Digital Human Influencer

With the rise of the virtual digital human of the metaverse concept in 2021 and the increasing demand for digital life among Chinese people under the epidemic, consumer-grade VR hardware and smartphone applications, the development of virtual digital human is rapidly heating up.
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NFT Marketing in China

The craze of NFT and Metaverse has become popular in China’s marketing circle. With the outbreak of the digital economy and the vigorous development of digital artworks, NFTs are becoming the “top stream” of the digital artwork market. Since this year, Porsche, McDonald’s, Givenchy, Coca-Cola, Li Ning, Ali, Tencent, more and more brands and internet...
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Chinese social platform, Xiaohongshu (RED) launched its digital art platform, R-SPACE

Chinese social platform, Xiaohongshu (RED) launched its digital art platform, R-SPACE in November 2021 and released dozens of digital collections “R-Digital Collections”. Xiaohongshu’s digital collections emphasize uniqueness and scarcity, supported by blockchain technology. Users can directly purchase digital collections in the Xiaohongshu Application.
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Ice and Snow Travel Booms in China; Brands leverages Winter Olympics in Marketing Campaigns

According to the data from Fliggy, China’s most well-known online travel agency for hotel booking service, Fliggy data shows that the order volume of ice-and-snow tourism (IST) related commodities during the Spring Festival 2022 (Year of Tiger) has increased by more than 30% compared with last year’s Spring Festival. The consumption of ice-and-snow tourism (IST)...
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New Marketing Ideas – Video In Advertising

Video in advertising is a form of embedded advertising in which brand creativity can be automatically matched to the scene in the video. Brand advertising can use AI technology to automatically identify the scenes that can be implanted in the video that has been filmed, and after post-processing, the brand ideas can be implanted into...
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Driving High-Quality Traffic Through Zhihu

As the largest knowledge content platform on the Internet in China, Zhihu has as many as 75 million monthly active users, and its users are characterized by high education, high income, and high consumption. These users have a high degree of acceptance of new products and new services and are more willing to try and...
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11.11 Shopping – Tips For Success

It’s been more than ten years since the first Double Eleven Shopping Festival. It has become one of the most important marketing activities of major e-commerce platforms. As the years have passed, with more insights, the strategy needs to be adjusted and changed.
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