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China Media Update

China Regulations – Measures for Security Assessment of Data Export

Welcome to our September Newsletter. We bring the latest regulatory updates as it happens in China. “Measures for Security Assessment of Data Export” has been officially implemented since Sep 1, 2022. We break down the details as it impacts all overseas advertisers.
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China Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Protection - New Measures on Cross-border Data Transfer

China Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Protection – New Measures on Cross-border Data Transfer

China Cybersecurity and data privacy update. China released new cross-border data transfer law. Affected companies are required to submit self-assessment report that provides detailed information about data export.
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China Media Update – New WeChat Channels Video In-Feed Ads

WeChat video account native advertising was officially launched on July 18, opening a whole new advertising scene for WeChat in-feed media.
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China Regulations – Why did Didi get fined US$1.2 Billion?

With the increasingly strict implementation of China’s regulatory policies, it is not surprising to find that China is reviewing major leading platforms with unprecedented intensity, and issuing “sky-priced fines” to platforms that violated the law to alarm others. Apart from Alibaba, this round Didi’s sky-high fines is even more staggering.
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The recovery of China’s inbound tourism? Fliggy and other data: hotels increased by 55% month-on-month, and air ticket bookings doubled

Sina News reported on June 30th: According to Fliggy data, since the end of the 618 promotions, the number of room nights sold during the promotion period has doubled and the increase has exceeded 2.2 times this week (year-on-year). Calendar rooms and calendar tickets for instant reservations also peaked. In the past week, Fliggy’s hotel...
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Trending search: China Guangfa Bank fined 600,000 yuan for publishing advertisements that derogated women

The topic of China Guangfa Bank, which was fined 600,000 yuan for publishing offensive advertisements for women was on the trending search in the past weeks, arousing the attention of netizens. The hot search topic had nearly 40 million page views.
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China’s New Oriental Education finds new life in Bilingual E-Commerce Livestream

New Oriental’s (新东方) live streaming brings goods “out of the circle” and introduces a new model of education and training, providing a direction for the transformation of the education industry. In the capital market, the stock price of New Oriental Online has risen from HK$ 3.70/share during the opening on June 1 to HK$ 25/share...
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OctoPlus’Quick Insights on 520 Day (Chinese New Valentine Day)

Today is May 20, which is considered a new type of Valentine’s Day in China by the youngster. (520 means “I love you” in Chinese, a slang word used by the Chinese, similar to ILY in English)
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Xiaomi AR Marketing Success in the Middle East

In less than 24 hours, the AR filter has reached and covered 5.6 million people in Saudi Arabia (the total population of Saudi Arabia is 34 million). This set of “stormy” marketing data is the latest marketing “record” of Xiaomi’s flagship device in the Middle East, Xiaomi 11T Pro, on Snapchat, the well-known multimedia instant...
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Maotai, the king of Chinese liquor, launched its own e-commerce app

“Maotai” or "Moutai", China’s “King of Liquor”, has recently launched its self-operated e-commerce app, and on the first day of launching, it has more than 2.29 million people participating in the subscription and 6.22 million visits.
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