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China Media Update

Xiaomi AR Marketing Success in the Middle East

In less than 24 hours, the AR filter has reached and covered 5.6 million people in Saudi Arabia (the total population of Saudi Arabia is 34 million). This set of “stormy” marketing data is the latest marketing “record” of Xiaomi’s flagship device in the Middle East, Xiaomi 11T Pro, on Snapchat, the well-known multimedia instant...
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Maotai, the king of Chinese liquor, launched its own e-commerce app

“Maotai” or "Moutai", China’s “King of Liquor”, has recently launched its self-operated e-commerce app, and on the first day of launching, it has more than 2.29 million people participating in the subscription and 6.22 million visits.
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Most liked Wechat Moments Ads in the first quarter of 2022

GUCCI, Armani Beauty, fresh, etc have been voted as the most popular WeChat Moments advertisements. According to the TOP 10 list of most liked Wechat Moments Ads in the first quarter of 2022, released by WeChat, six luxury fashion and beauty brands including GUCCI, Armani Beauty, Puma, Fresh, Guerlain and Van Cleef & Arpels were...
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TikTok suspends posting new content from Russia the ‘fake news’ law

Tiktok has announced on Sunday, March 6 that TikTok’s live-streaming and upload service would be suspended in light of Russia’s new ‘fake news’ law that was announced by Russian President Putin last Friday. Those who spread fake news or false information about the Russian military will be severely punished, the sentence is up to 15...
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2021 Xiaohongshu Brand Marketing Manual

Yien Century Data Technology conducted a brand marketing analysis based on the consumption industry of Xiaohongshu this year. Xiaohongshu, as the "content seeding" aggregation place of major brands, realizes the transformation from "content seeding" to "content syndication" through live streaming e-commerce, social e-commerce, and private domain diversion at the time of traffic growth. The actions...
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2021 Update to China Advertising law

Chinese talk show host/actor/comedian Li Dan was fined 8.7 billion for improper use of words. Li Dan wrote in the ad copy: "A device that allows women to easily lie down and win the workplace." Because of this slogan, Li Dan was supervised by Beijing Haidian Market to comment on it as a “typical case...
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China Tech Crackdown – Anti-monopoly Fines

In recent weeks, China has been enacting several new laws to protect sensitive data, prevent misuse of personal information & reign in anti monopolistic behaviour.
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Douyin Available On Desktop

Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, is now available on the desktop. On June 21, 2021, Douyin officially launched the internal beta of the web version, and its official website page has also been revised. The new version can watch videos, like, view comments and share videos.
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New Chinese Regulations – Impact On Marketing

Well-known streamer Xinba came under fire after the market watchdog in the southern city of Guangzhou found that he had promoted fake bird’s nests, an expensive Chinese delicacy. Authorities fined Xinba 900,000 yuan, while Kuaishou blocked him from streaming on the platform for 60 days.
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New Baidu SEM regulations

Baidu recently released the latest policy notice, starting April 12, 2021, users who sign up for a Baidu advertising account can only advertise their business on the Baidu search engine via a Baidu-hosted landing page, which means Baidu ads will no longer link to external websites.
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