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The Voice of Industry Leaders 2020: OctoPlus Media Global Limited

Engage your best audience with valuable China insights. OctoPlus Media has been awarded “Best China Digital Marketing Leader” and “Excellence in Project Management and Customer Services” in Hong Kong. “Our China Data Bank solution will help you reach the right audience with best-in-class China data assets.” — Mia Chen, Co-Founder & CEO of OctoPlus Media Global Limited...
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First Overseas Live Streaming Session On WeChat For SaSa Hong Kong

Today is the day! We will be having the FIRST overseas live streaming session on WeChat for SaSa in Hong Kong at 2.00PM today! Live streaming is a favourite pastime for Chinese netizens, and it’s now gaining even more users as people increasingly use it for shopping. China has 560 million live streamers, and nearly...
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2020 WeChat Retail Growth Plan

The domestic businesses in China have gradually resumed their operations and production, however, the pandemic continues to spread and affect the businesses overseas. During this period, growing online traffic and leveraging new opportunities and models for growth has become a key goal for businesses. On April 28, WeChat has launched a WeChat Retail Growth Plan...
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Banned Chinese Terms You Should Avoid by China Advertisement Censorship Law 2020

To avoid running into any trouble when advertising in China, it is best to avoid words that sound too definite or extreme.
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WeChat WeSales Case

China Skincare Client’s First WeChat Live-streaming eCommerce Trial and Success

As soon as the WeChat Live Streaming function roll out, we have successfully built and run WeChat live-streaming for e-commerce sales. Had a great sales record yesterday with one of our clients’ two hours live streaming session! Last year we have done some live streaming for government and education clients, but this year especially during...
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