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OctoPlus Media 2020 Year In Review

2020 has been a challenging year, to say the least. Our crossborder tourists marketing line was under a bit hit at the beginning of the year, however luckily we bounced back pretty quickly and fought a good fight together with our key clients and partners.
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2020 Year In Review and Trend Forecast of China’s Digital Marketing

Looking back on 2020, under the impact of the epidemic, the consumer market has undergone significant changes. Online entertainment, online social networking, new social media platforms, new live-streaming products and other subdivisions and application scenarios have also changed, including innovative digital marketing channels are also developing rapidly.
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Global Tech Summit Live Broadcast session on December 4th 2020

Stay tuned for this Youtube livestreaming on Dec 4, 2020- Global Tech Summit @Business of IP Asia Forum Part I & II Live Broadcast!
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Live Situation Report from Smart HK 2020, Chengdu

Special thanks to the Government of Hong Kong, Chengdu, Meishan and Mianyang for their trust in OctoplusMedia to be responsible for the first ever online and offline forum live streaming -《Smart HK Chengdu 2020》.
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Taobao Macau Double 11 Global Live Party has been a great success last night

Taobao Macau Double 11 Global Live Party has been a great success last night. OctoPlus and Taobao has collaborated and launched the first ever Macau cross-border live stream. This event has marked yet another huge milestone for us as we are happy to help Taobao to debut their first ever cross-border live stream in Macau.
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OctoPlus and Taobao Macau invite you to join tonight’s Double 11 Global Live Party tonight!

OctoPlus and #TaobaoMacau invite you to join tonight's Double 11 Global Live Party tonight! This special live streaming event is planned and organized by Taobao Official and OctoPlus. We are committed to present a memorable an distinctive Double 11 event in Macau.
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We have launched our own livestreaming incubator

It’s a wrap! Our 3 days consecutive live streaming events for Mead Johnson (美赞臣) on WeChat mini program has finally come to an end. We are happy and proud to be able to collaborate with Mead Johnson – a brand that is well-recognized as well as loved by the Chinese. We are also happy to...
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We have invited Weekday Couple to become The CEO for Taobao Macau Station

Exciting news! We have invited Weekday Couple to become The CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) of Macau for Taobao Macau Station. They will show Macau people how to get really good deals on Taobao, especially on the yearly 11.11 sale.
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Another successful celebrity live-streaming co-hosted by OctoPlus Media

Last week, we co-hosted Yang Kun’s Douyin xinhuanet (新华网) live stream with multiple companies such as Xinhuanet (新華網), Hawoo (好物網), Starry Asia Entertainment and so on. The event took place on 24th September 2020, started from 7pm at the night and ended at 1.30am midnight, for a total of six and a half hours. The...
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Octoplus is co-hosting Angela’s first Douyin commercial Live-Streaming

We are hosting Angela's first Douyin commercial Live-Streaming on September 12th and this is anticipated to have a huge impact because it's her first show.
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