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Another successful celebrity live-streaming co-hosted by OctoPlus Media

Last week, we co-hosted Yang Kun’s Douyin xinhuanet (新华网) live stream with multiple companies such as Xinhuanet (新華網), Hawoo (好物網), Starry Asia Entertainment and so on. The event took place on 24th September 2020, started from 7pm at the night and ended at 1.30am midnight, for a total of six and a half hours. The...
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Octoplus is co-hosting Angela’s first Douyin commercial Live-Streaming

We are hosting Angela's first Douyin commercial Live-Streaming on September 12th and this is anticipated to have a huge impact because it's her first show.
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OctoPlus Announcing Complete End-to-End Cross-border WeChat e-Commerce Solution (Success Cases: China Duty Free and Korea LOTTE Duty Free)

In the first half of 2020, when the pandemic was severe, we helped CDF launch an official cross-border e-commerce WeChat mini-program - "CDF Member Purchase".
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Weibo now allows redirection to WeChat mini program

You may now insert a WeChat mini program in your Weibo post! From June onwards, Weibo has allowed redirection to WeChat mini program from Weibo.
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Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book / RED) reduced platform commission from 20% to 5%

To improve the conversion rate, on 3 July, Xiaohongshu announced that they are reducing the platform commission for merchants from 20% to 5%.
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Official Live Streaming Programs Update on WeChat, Taobao and Douyin

We are currently the No.1 in WeChat Cross-border Live Streaming as we were one of the first MCNs getting on WeChat.
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SaSa Hong Kong collaborated with WeChat for the first-ever cross-border e-commerce live streaming – A new direction for cross-border marketing

OctoPlus Media successfully planned and executed the first overseas live streaming session on WeChat for SaSa Hong Kong on 5 May 2020 and the results were overwhelmingly positive.
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Second Overseas Live Streaming Session On WeChat For SaSa Hong Kong

SaSa and OctoPlus Media are coming back with their second overseas live streaming on WeChat today at 2.00 PM! More brands are on discounts this time, including Urban Decay, Elizabeth Arden, Lancôme, OLAY, L’Oréal, etc. Also, there will be more giveaways, and the prizes are worth over 1000 RMB.
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The Voice of Industry Leaders 2020: OctoPlus Media Global Limited

Engage your best audience with valuable China insights. OctoPlus Media has been awarded “Best China Digital Marketing Leader” and “Excellence in Project Management and Customer Services” in Hong Kong. “Our China Data Bank solution will help you reach the right audience with best-in-class China data assets.” — Mia Chen, Co-Founder & CEO of OctoPlus Media Global Limited...
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First Overseas Live Streaming Session On WeChat For SaSa Hong Kong

Today is the day! We will be having the FIRST overseas live streaming session on WeChat for SaSa in Hong Kong at 2.00PM today! Live streaming is a favourite pastime for Chinese netizens, and it’s now gaining even more users as people increasingly use it for shopping. China has 560 million live streamers, and nearly...
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