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100 Q&As About WeChat
WeChat Q&A 34 l Ever Expanding WeChat Ecosystem l OctoPlus Media Global

The ever expanding ecosystem of WeChat mini-program

The WeChat mini-program team announced that the average annual DAU of mini-program exceeded 400 million in 2020, and the annual cumulative transaction volume increased by more than 100%. The mini-Programs have given full play to the value of epidemic prevention in the last year.
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2021 WeChat Roadmap

Tencent held its annual WeChat flagship conference in Guangzhou, the app’s birthplace. The founder of WeChat, Allen Zhang shared some performance data and mapped out future plans. He said that currently, some 1.09 billion users open the WeChat app on a daily basis. Among the 780 million people using the Moments functionality-a virtual space to...
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What Is “Private Traffic”?

Private Traffic is a controllable traffic pool based on the "public traffic" platform. Let’s take WeChat as an example, for each WeChat public account, WeChat group and WeChat personal account, fans and friends are "Private traffic", as these can be independently operated and maintained by the account owners who have WeChat public group, and personal...
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Mead Johnson Live-Streaming Case Study

Covid-19 played a big role changing internal organization and huge shift to online leveraging Live-streaming, and livestream selling is all the range in China now. Various platforms and companies have increased their investment in live streaming. At the same time, the scale of anchors and users are also growing rapidly. We recently planned and executed...
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New WeChat function – Fingertip Search

With fingertip search, users can search the content they want in the dialog box more directly, quickly and conveniently. The search results not only integrate the exclusive content of wechat official account, wechat video account, wechat moments and wechat mini-programs, but also include other external content, such as zhihu, sogou search and other relevant platform...
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WeChat Video Channel – Short Video Platform Killer?

Believe that in addition to being a way of recording life, WeChat Video channel will gradually cover the functions of Paying for Knowledge in Community, E-commerce private traffic monetization, Content diversion and Advertising promotion, etc., because WeChat video channel originally belongs to WeChat this large social platform system naturally brings its own social advantages.
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FIRST Overseas Cross-Border E-Commerce Live Streaming

While live-streaming has been gaining popularity, no overseas WeChat live-streaming has been done – that is – until now! On May 5, 2020, We (OctoPlus Media) planned and executed the first-ever overseas WeChat live streaming of cross-border e-commerce for SaSa in Hong Kong. The two-hour live streaming attracted 33k viewers, 12k comments and 25k likes.
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Deep-dive of Three Squirrels WeChat Mini Program – Snack Food Industry

Check out the WeChat mini program launched by Three Squirrels during Chinese New Year. Three Squirrels is the largest online snack retailer in China.
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Deep-dive of Evergrande Real Estate Group WeChat Mini Program – Real Estate Industry

Check out the features of Evergrande Real Estate Group WeChat Mini Program, where users can check all available properties and buy or recommend the properties to other people.
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Deep-dive of Travel Dunhuang WeChat Mini Program – Travel Industry

Travel Dunhuang is a masterpiece in online tourism during the epidemic and a new milestone in the digitalisation of cultural heritage in China.
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