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JD.com: China Popular Ecommerce B2C Online Platform

What is JD.com?

JD.com, Inc (京东), also known as Jingdong is a Chinese e-commerce company headquartered in Beijing, China. The company was founded on June 18,1998 by Liu Qiandong and went online in 2004. Jd.com is one of the two largest B2C online retailers in China by transaction volume and revenue.  JD.com is also ranked #139 on the 2019 Fortune 500 List and ranked Top 3 among Amazon and Alphabet around the world
JDcom | OctoPlus Media
JDcom | OctoPlus Media

JD.com Overview:

  • More than 270 thousand available in the platform
  • More than 387.4 million active users
  • More than 26 thousand of employees
  • RMB 20,854 billion GMV by year 2019, increasing rapidly throughout the year
  • Strategic partners include Tencent, Walmart and Google
JDcom advertising | OctoPlus Media

JD.com provides various avenue for advertising, head over to our newly created ad repository to find all available ads or contact us to explore further partnerships.

JDcom advertising | OctoPlus Media

Foundation of Cross-Border E-commerce in China

High quality products made overseas are becoming consumer favourites with the enormous growth in Chinese consumers’ spending power. With specialized regulatory policies, import barriers will be reduced and more flexible channels will be provided for overseas brands to enter China. The cost of entering the Chinese market is reduced due to simplified chain requirements and preferential tax policies.

JDcom Chinese Consumer Appendix
JDcom - appendix

JD Worldwide

JD worldwide is a leading cross-border e-commerce platform in China and was launched in April 2015. In September 2016, JD Worldwide opens its cross-border logistics service to third party merchants on its platform.

JDcom - business model

JD Worldwide allows Chinese consumers to shop without borders. Not only that, Brands that sell inventory to JD can enjoy the benefit of brand name and JD brand recognition. Brands retain the ownership of the inventory and obligation of operation.

For cross-border service, there are two business modes:

JDcom Import Bonded Warehouse

Import bonded Warehouse: Foreign goods could be stocked up in JD’s domestic bonded warehouses, which could effectively shorten the delivery time and lower logistics cost. The orders can be delivered within 1 to 5 days. As of now, JD provided 7 bonded ports and 8 boned warehouses in China and more warehouses will be built in the future, covering more regions in China.

JDcom Nationwide Logistic Coverage

JD Logistics have more than three hundred thousand last-mile service facilities and 12 million square-meter of logistics facilities, covering all regions in China and 99% of national population, having the capability of handling more than 30 million items in one day.

JDcom Overseas Direct Delivery Service

Overseas direct delivery service: Foreign goods could be stocked up in JD’s overseas warehouse. Goods will be sent directly from JD overseas warehouse when there is order from customers. This business mode could help brands to lower the burden of inventory greatly. However, the delivery time will be longer, and the logistics cost will be higher. This business mode is suitable for Long-tail Goods and Luxury.

JDcom International Logistic Network

JD cover more than 200 regions and countries, operating over 1000 transportation routes in terms of international logistics. There are more than 10 bonded ports in China and operate 110 overseas warehouses. JD provides both export and import logistics services for general trade and cross border partners.

JD Worldwide Service Union

JD Worldwide Service Union offer one-stop service of cross-border e-commerce solutions for overseas brand to tap into China’s market.

JD worldwide Union Serivce
JD worldwide Union Serivce
JDcom Partners Around the world

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