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China e-Sports Platforms: Game Livestream and Entertainment Shows

China e-Sports Live | Octoplus Media

According to Ai Rui’s China E-Sports Industry Research Report, the future growth of China’s e-sports market is mainly due to the e-competition eco-market, which is expected to account for 27.8 percent of China’s e-sports market share by 2020, reaching 37.5 billion. It is expected that by 2020, China’s e-competition market will reach 430 million users, the high demand has not yet been met.

2020 China’s main e-competition content broadcast platform has:

  • douyu.com
  • qq
  • zhanqi
  • dianmiao
  • bilibili
  • huya.com
  • chushou
  • huomao.com
  • panda TV
  • yy.com
China e-Sports Live | Octoplus Media

China Sports Live

China has also rapidly ushered in the introduction of professional events, Internet popularization, entertainment content dissemination, attention on elite sports has increased.  Elite sports enthusiasts have high incomes and far exceed the national average.  Live broadcast is still the main content of the game, pan-sports entertainment content gradually penetrated.  Event ads are highly accepted, men prefer sports and car advertising, and women are attracted to digital & 3C electronic ads.  

In live sports streaming, the audience’s acceptance of the ads is very high. According to Analysis: 2019 China’s Elite Sports Business Value Watch, 45.5% of the live sports audience said due to the exciting game, they are willing to finish viewing the ads.

China e-Sports Live | Octoplus Media
China live sports streaming – Tencent Sports

The main forms of advertising in the sports broadcast platform are:

Embedded soft ad, native ad, pre-roll ad, interstitial/press-screen ad etc.

2020 China’s major sports broadcast platforms are:

  • huya livestream
  • zhibo8
  • douyu
  • jisutiyu
  • qq live
  • zhangyu live

The advantages of live sports streaming

  1. Can be China’s nationwide online display, comprehensive cleaning of data, accurate access to the audience
  2. High-quality resources, high-traffic exposure, accurate analysis
  3. Significantly reduce the cost of acquisition, direct CPC settlement, investment-on-the-go
  4. Strong operational team support, from copywriting, creative material to optimization, one-stop service.

In addition, live apps also offer native ads, banner ads, and more:

China e-Sports Live Native Ads | Octoplus Media
Live apps native ads

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