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China Go-to-Market Research

China market research methods:

Our China go-to-market research utilizing China Data Bank (CDB) which integrates data value, strategy research, data analysis, providing right data solutions and accurate target audience. Our methods including:

  •  One-on-one, In-depth Interviews: Our team will identify the best fit person who is knowledgeable and experienced to collect insights and conduct interviews. Sample size and constitution will be adapted accordingly based on your needs.  
  •  Online and Face-to-face surveys: Offline and online surveys carry out by our professional team for identifying your target users significant preferences and behavioral patterns.
  •  Focus Group: A method use in qualitative research by choosing a small group of precise participants that represent the larger population you are attempting to target in the market.
  •  Big Data Interpretation: First data and secondary data collected will be reviewed and interpret to reach out an informed conclusion. Providing valuable statistics defining your potential demand, your target profile, your competition framework and market trends in China.
  •  Data Analytics: Our team will comprehensively collect existing data and literature in your sector of interest. Data mining and data analysis are done to reveal the trends and metrics which will be used to optimize the process.

The market research methodologies are often followed-up by practical and strategic consulting solutions. It includes a network of local professionals in various studied industries and access to reliable databases in any of the top 30 cities in China.

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