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Snail Sleep: China Sleep Monitoring, Meditation and Health Care App Advertising

snailsleep china sleep monitor app

Snail Sleep was launched by Seblong (Beijing) Co., Ltd. In 2015. It is committed to creating independent research and development of products for sleep and now has become the head brand of domestic sleep monitoring APPs.

Three major business achievements of Snail Sleep:

  • Independent Research & Development

  • National Commitment: Recognized as a software enterprise, and obtained national high-tech enterprise certification, FDA filing, ICP telecom value-added license, Class II medical device business license, and EU CC, etc. in 2016. Snail Sleep provides a full range of technical services based on powerful technology and big data

  • Industrial Highlights: There are currently 75 million+ registered users, the products have won various awards in the industry and have been recommended by the Apple App Store many times. In February 2018, they ranked at the top of the China AppStore Bodybuilding and Fitness List (free) and repeatedly ranked in the TOP1 in overseas regions.

Product Market Overview

Snail Sleep l OctoPlus Media
  • APP market: Snail Sleep currently occupies the first place in the domestic market, accounting for more than 30% of the market; the sleep APP with the TOP1 downloads in China

  • User portraits: post-90s and post-00s account for more than 65%; female users account for 64%; first-tier cities and above account for more than 60%

  • User attributes: Internet natives, strong spending power; caring for the health and focusing on sleep; high purchasing power, easy to be “longing”

Currently, there are more than 75 million registered users, more than 10 million monthly active users, steady monthly growth of more than 2 million, and a retention rate of 58.38% in the next month.

Snail sleep App Function Introduction

Snail Sleep App Function Introduction

Snail Sleep is an intelligent sleep monitoring app that includes multi-functional partitions and provides users with intuitive sleep advice services.

  • Sleep Monitor

  • Sleep Music

  • Sleep Community

  • Concern and Love

Why Advertise with Snail Sleep?

1. Snail Sleep provides a brand cooperation method with high customization, high exposure, and high participation. Brands can formulate event gameplay, copywriting, and publicity methods. The 7/21 day event provides a long exposure time, and the brand also attracts users to participate by setting bonuses.

2. Snail Sleep user groups pay attention to sleep health, and the community function is conducive to corresponding needs, helping brand owners to match the corresponding user groups most efficiently.

3. Snail Sleep provides a variety of marketing models to cooperate with communication, which can meet different brand characteristics and meet different brand needs. At the same time, the long event time gives the brand continuous exposure and long-tail communication of the event.

Snail Sleep Advertising Model

Snail Sleep Advertising Model

Snail Sleep Brand Cooperation Case

Case 1: Snail Sleep Open Splash Ad (Volvo/Buick/Chanel)

Snail Sleep Open Slash Ad

Cooperative brands attach importance to the age group, distribution area and an occupational portrait of users in the product, build early brand awareness among young user groups, and guide and educate users to choose their minds.

Case 2: High-quality spots in Snail Sleep, and high clicks lead to potential returns (Xiaomi Youpin)

Snail Sleep Page Banner Ad

Select the bedtime monitoring action page banner to launch sleep aid related products, successfully attracting users to click.

Total exposure: 167k+ ;

Total clicks: 157k+ ;

ROI: 1:0.4

Case 3: Launching all operating positions in the station to obtain maximum exposure support, UGC challenge activities to obtain target customers (Swisse)

Snail Sleep Advertising

For more related Snail Sleep advertising cases and advertising solutions, please get in touch with us!

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