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Reach The Gay Community in China with Aloha – China’s Trending Social Networking App For Gay

What is Aloha?

Aloha is a social networking app for gay which focuses on trending and fashion information. The target users are the younger audience and those who would like to pursue a better life quality. Users can make new friends, join different group chats, update or browse news feed, share videos and even do live streaming. All these features and placements come with the opportunity for advertisement.

Features in Aloha

Aloha Numbers

  • Aloha has 910K monthly active users (MAU) and 500K daily active users (DAU).
  • A user will open Aloha app 13 times per day on average and the average time spend is 4 hours.
  • Below are the traffic and number of impressions advertisers can receive in different features and placements:
    • Make New Friends: 500K users/day; 25 million impressions/day
    • Group Chats: 300K users/day; 3 million impressions/day
    • News Feed: 500K users/day; 6.5 million impressions/day
    • Videos: 200K users/day; 4 million impressions/day
    • Live Stream: 400K users/day; 5.2 million impressions/day; 100K viewers/live stream; 30K viewers were online at the same time

Demographics of Aloha users

Aloha users mainly located in first-tier and second-tier cities in China like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, etc. They are the millennials in China with strong purchasing power and influential power.

Besides, 9.6% of Aloha users have the experience of studying in overseas and 56% of the users have been overseas, therefore, they are aware of international brands and quality is important to them. Based on platform internal data, 62% of Aloha users believe that branding is more important than pricing.

Furthermore, Aloha users are heavily depending on social networks, which make them believe in the recommendation by the platform. Next, most of them are High Net Worth (HNW) individuals with strong purchasing power. They are also fashionistas which have strong influential power among their friends and community.

Why advertise on Aloha?

With the high penetration rate in China, Aloha is suitable to the advertisers who would like to do LGBT marketing and target the gay community in China.

Also, Aloha has high-quality KOLs who are focus on trending and fashion topics. Brands are welcome to collaborate with the KOLs by publishing posts, soft-selling through live stream or make them your spokesperson for marketing campaigns.

KOLs on Aloha

So far, there have been various brands from different categories like clothing, skincare, food & beverage, lifestyle, games, entertainment, etc.

Collaborate with Aloha

Advertisers may collaborate with Aloha via the below models:

  • Topic Generation

Big topic

  • Create a topic on Aloha and attract users to participate and interact
  • This helps brands to deliver their concept to users and interact with users
  • Campaign period: 48 hours
  • Ad placement: Located on top of the Recommendation page
  • Estimated impressions: 7 million
  • Estimated engagement: 100,000

Small topic

  • Create a topic on the NETS account in Aloha and attract users to participate in discussion
  • This helps brands to deliver their concept to users
  • Campaign period: 24 hours
  • Ad placement: 4th post on the Recommendation page
  • Estimated impressions: 5 million
  • Estimated engagement: 2,000
  • Videos
    • Deliver the brand’s concept or message via videos and in the form of a short movie, interview, discussion, vlog, etc.
    • Characteristics: Content creation, long-lasting
    • Publish on: Weibo, WeChat, TikTok, Bilibili, etc.
    • Production period: 14 – 30 days
    • Video duration: 15 – 90 seconds
  • Comic
    • Deliver the brand’s concept via comic
    • Characteristics: Content creation, long-lasting
    • Publish on: Weibo, WeChat, etc.
    • Production period: 10 – 14 days
    • Length of the comic: 20 panels
  • Interview (article)
    • Deliver the brand’s concept via interview the good-looking guys and share about their lifestyle
    • Characteristics: Content creation, long-lasting
    • Publish on: Weibo, WeChat, etc.
    • Production period: 7 – 10 days
    • Article length: Under 1,500 words
  • Live streaming
    • Deliver the brand’s concept via KOLs’ live streaming sessions
    • Characteristics: Flexible, instant results, customise giveaways to maximize the awareness
    • Publish on: Aloha
    • Production period: 7 – 10 days
    • Live stream session: 2-hour per session

Advertise on Aloha

Other than collaborate with Aloha, brands can also advertise on Aloha using banners or videos.

  • Banner Ad Upon App-Opening
    • Supports static banner or video format
    • Premium spot that can reach all users
    • Suitable for brand awareness
Banner Ad Upon App-Opening
News Feed Ad
  • News Feed Ad
    • Supports static images or video format
    • Supports audience targeting, location targeting, device targeting, etc.
  • Banner Ad
    • Banner ads located in group chats and live stream session
    • Supports audience targeting, location targeting, device targeting, etc.
Banner Ad
  • Posting
    • Advertisers may leverage on Aloha’s accounts on WeChat and Weibo by postings and sharing information to Aloha’s account followers.
Postings on WeChat and Weibo

Case Studies of Aloha

SELECTED x Keith Haring x Aloha

Aloha collaborated with a fashion brand named SELECTED, it is one of the brands under the Europe fashion group – BESTSELLER. Aloha conducted an online and offline campaign for the launching of their latest series with Keith Haring – SELECTED x Keith Haring and a party called “ART FOR EVERYONE”.

SELECTED x Keith Haring x Aloha

DIESEL x Aloha

DIESEL and Aloha created a #madetorunaway topic for DIESEL’s new product – Jogg Jeans. They used the in-app live stream of KOLs and celebrities to deliver the concept. The collaboration has successfully expanded DIESEL brand among the LGBT community.

DIESEL x Aloha

Kiehl’s Men x Aloha

Kiehl’s Men collaborated with Aloha to promote their skincare products for men. First, they created the topic – My Most Handsome Moment to attract users to participate in the discussion and hence create awareness. Next, they engaged with the KOLs and promote the products via live streaming. They also created a specific HTML5 page for the campaign and combined e-commerce and influential from the KOLs to increase the sales conversion.

Kiehl’s Men x Aloha

NetEase Games x Aloha

NetEase Games has engaged Aloha to promote their latest game – the 5th character by advertising across the platform. As a result, the game has recorded 60,000 clicks on iOS within 24 hours and 12,000 users who downloaded and registered for the game, with the CTR of 20%.

NetEase Games x Aloha

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